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Youtube For Android Update Brings New UI And Preloading Feature

On the occasion of Google I/O 2012 event the creator of Android have updated most of its applications, like Google Earth, Google Maps, Youtube and Google+. Today, we will be talking about the new Youtube version, and the new features Google brought to the Android app of the vide-sharing website.

The new Youtube stands out with the new menu that can be accessed by swyping from left to right, containing account information and the channel feed, displayed as a list and centered on the channel you are subscribed to.

Everything is easier now, more compact and uploading a video on Youtube is only a button away. It’s equally easy to add a video the Watch Later list.

The Youtube update introduces the Preloading feature, which saves the Subscriptions or Watch Later videos on your smartphone/tablet. Therefore the videos are pre-cached when a WiFi network is available, allowing you to watch them over slow cellular networks.

Unfortunately, there were some tablet users complaining that the Preloading feature is not available for their devices.

The entire UI was changed and everything is easier now, from searching a video to adding a channel to your subscriptions. The Youtube upgrade also has a new option that allows the user to “add Youyube TV,” which connects your tablet or smartphone to your HDTV and basically transforms the device into a Youtube remote control. Moreover,, the video sharing and comments sections are now more intuitive.

The new user interface will strike you as unusual at first sight, but you will get used to it very fast. The application is available for free or as an update in Google Play, or you can grab it from here.