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YouTube Reportedly Planning Its Own Music Streaming Service

It looks like Youtube is casting glances at the music lovers and that the Google subsidiary with its own online music service, where the users will be able to listen to music for free, while the service will earn from advertising. Of course, if you want to get rid of the annoying advertising breaks and gain access to more features you can pay for a subscription.

According to sources in the record industry and by an unnamed person at Google, quoted by Fortune, the new Youtube music streaming service comes to help the content creators, by providing a constant source of income coming from advertising and from the subscriptions played by the users.

Being similar too Google Play Music service in a lot of aspects, the alleged Youtube Music Service will borrow a lot of features from the service available for the Android-powered terminals. You probably already know that the Google Play users can buy songs from the Android store, to download and listen online to the songs of their choice. Moreover, both music services will allow the users to pay a monthly subscription, which will also bring more features and benefits.

While many of the records are still reticent about the benefits of getting their earnings from content sustained by targeted advertising, preferring the paid subscriptions instead, more and more users are being attracted by the thought that one day they will be able to listen to music for free. Of course, the paid subscription alternative has its own fans and a lot of users will be willing to pay in order not to be disturbed by commercials and to gain access to more features.

Coming a bit to late on the market, Youtube Music Service will have a lot of competition coming from the online music streaming services that are already established like Pandra, Soptify, Rdio, Muve Music and Soundclod, some of them having over 5 million subscribers.

The biggest difference between Youtube and the aforementioned services is that the first one already has a vast audience for its video streaming service – over 800 million unique visitors each month – which may become a huge marketplace for the big records and independent artists.

If the reports are prove to be accurate and Youtube will launch its own online music streaming service, would you be tempted to switch from similar service you are currently using and pay a subscription to Youtube Music Service? Please let us know in the comments section below. Bye bye!