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ZTE Athena is now world’s thinnest smartphone

Like always, phone makers are fighting for who makes the thinnest one, along with the fight for better specs and features. Not too long ago a Chinese company released the Oppo Finder, which received the thinnest smartphone prize, measuring just 6.65mm. Before the Oppo Finder the title has been held by Huawei’s Ascend P1 S, which was 0.03mm thicker.

Unfortunately for them, the Oppo Finder didn’t manage to hold the title for too long, because ZTE already released an even thinner one, which measures only 6.2mm. The ZTE Athena has also pretty good specs, with a 720p display, Cortex A15 CPU and 64GB of internal storage. It also comes with Google’s latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

The Oppo Finder is scheduled to be released on June 6th and it seems like it didn’t manage to even hold the title until it hit the stores, which is actually quite funny.

Until now there aren’t many information about the ZTE Athena, though the Chinese maker is known for their world wide releases, so we might get our hands on it out of China. Hopefully we will get a release date and price soon, along with more information about the CPU, because they did not state if it will be single, dual or quad core.