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ZTE Athena Specs and Features Unveils World’s Thinnest Smartphone

ZTE, the Chinese company that used us with low range, budget friendly devices, is having big plans for its fans, as the ZTE Athena specs and features has just been leaked. According to our sources, this time the company will not go for a decent smartphone, as from what you will see, the Athena should be a real high end smartphone, having everything to impress the audience. Anyway, these are only rumors, there is a long way until we will have something official or confirmed from ZTE. But, until then, let’s see what we should expect from Athena.

The first thing that aroused our attention was the looks. Apparently, the Athena will be world’s thinnest smartphone ever made, the RAZR being already history. With only 6.2 mm thickness, you will be able to surprise everyone with this device, not to mention that the Athena is rumored to feature an large 4 inch (or above) 720p display. So, it seems that ZTE will not provide a cheap copy, or cheap alternative for other popular handsets, like Samsung’s Galaxy S3 or Apple’s iPhone; and it was about time to see something exclusive and unique coming from ZTE.

Regarding to the ZTE Athena specs, from what we know so far, the phone should bring a Cortex A-15 processor (probably a multi core one), 64 GB of internal storage memory, the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and, of course the long expected Miflavor UI on top of all.

As you can see, ZTE is powering its handset with high end performances, a real exciting point of view for those who are looking forward in buying the Athena. Unfortunately, there are no words about its future availability on the market, future release date, or future pricing offers, though we are expecting news in the coming days. Remember that all these are just rumors and more info will soon follow.