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ZTE Venture available for pre-orders on Virgin Mobile; price, specs and release date announced

The Venture, a new low range smartphone, has been officially announced by ZTE and it is available for pre-orders (starting from today) through the Virgin Mobile retail. The same carrier also mentioned other important aspects, such as the Venture release date, price and specs list, all being detailed and explained during the following lines.

This is the second low-cost device, after the ZTE Fury on Sprint, released in a short period by the Chinese manufacturer through the US market, though nowadays, the customers are willing to spend more and more money in order to buy a high end handset. Anyway, this new Android powered smartphone should be just perfect for the entry level users.

As you can see in the image from above, the ZTE Venture is looking quite impressive, the phone dimensions being 4.7” x 2.3” x 0.49” and weighting only 4.30 oz; a really “smooth” device, with a nice and useful QWERTY keyboard. So if you like to impress your friends with the looks and if you like spending time on Facebook, Tweeter, or just typing messages, the Venture should be what you need.

Regarding to the specs, the Virgin Mobile ZTE Venture is coming with decent performances. You will enjoy a 2.8-inch touchscreen in addition to the physical keyboard and to the physical buttons, a poor 2 MP camera (with LED Flash and camcorder) on the back (the front facing one doesn’t even exist), a 600MHz single-core processor, 512MB of RAM memory, a microSD card slot which comes with a 2GB card pre-installed and the usual Bluetooth and the 3.5 mm headset jack.
Beside these, the Venture is powered by Google’s Android platform with Gingerbread above all (as expected for a low range handset the ICS is out of the question) and don’t forget the QWERTY keyboard.

Now, as I was saying in the introduction, the ZTE Venture is available for pre-orders through the Virgin Mobile online store for the $99 price tag. The phone official release date has been announced by the same carrier to be on March 15th. Therefore, if you like it, don’t hesitate and make a pre-order.

That’s all for now; stay close because I will update you with news as soon as something fresh comes out.