Ever wondered how to take a screenshot with your HTC One X? As an Android user, you may be prone to rush and search an app to assist you in capturing an image of your device's screen. Before you go along and embark on that quest (which would surely end in many laurels of victory, considering the zillions of apps out there for everything), read on these two methods suggested by your friends over at Android.gs. No rooting implied either! Not that that's not advisable, but anyhows on we march..

I'll go ahead and let you know before-hand that the sole difference, output-wise, between these two tricks to capture screenshots on your HTC One X Android is the destination folder in which the newly conceived image will be dropped. So, if you're in rush to get them screenshots poppin', just pick one and apply it. You can come back later and read in depth, we're open 24/7. Just remember to wipe your feet on the pink "Welcome" carpet before steppin' in.

Ah yes, one more thing. Both methods will generate PNG extension files, on any HTC One X, of a warming 1024 x 720 pixels resolution.

Method 1: Known as the HTC TRICK

How do you apply this? Simple, using your ever-so-trusty fingers, you press and hold the Power button and, in the same time, press the Home key (it's a touch sensitive, optical, pressure thingy on the bottom). Remember to have your screen display whatever you wish to save for the record in an image, before taking the afore-mentioned concurrent actions. Once you do so, presto! Screen captured. Head on to the regular camera photos folder (Usually under a DCIM moniker) and find therein your shot, or shots if you spammed them buttons. Like mentioned earlier, the folder is defaulted, and if you have many a photo taken with your HTC One X camera, the load time and the subsequent search for the screenshot may be sluggish. Still, an universal trick that anyone can use, that requires no presetups or apps installed.


Method 2: To be named the ANDROID TRICK

Provided that your cool awesome neat HTC One X handheld is being powered by Android version 4.0 OS, or later of course, (and it probably is, unless you've done some heavy retrogradations over there). And yes, I am trying to convey that this method can potentially be applied on virtually any Android boasting mobile device, provided it has the buttons or keys or other form of alien inputs that handle the functions of the ones to be mentioned now. Press Volume Down and hold it, then press the Power/Lock, and bam!  a separate folder (if not already existing in the world of your phone folders) called Screenshots will spawn and contain a brand new image of your screen at the time of the pressings.  You can find the Screenshots folder in the file manager on your Android, or seek the screenshots themselves in the gallery.


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