It's official! According to an Intel official, Android notebooks powered by Intel processor will be available in retail stores in the near future, the cheapest device being priced at $200.

The information clarifies the previous rumors regarding Android laptops which haven't been confirmed until now, and the statement comes from the Intel chief product officer Dadi Perlmutter. The execute gave an interview to online publication Cnet, after the company's CEO Paul Otellini made some remarks last week about PCs featuring touchscreens that will be available for purchase for approximately $200, but he did not mention what operating system will the devices be running.

Now there is no room for further questions as we know that the devices will run Android OS. The main reason must be the fact that the operating system developed by Google is free to use by any OEM, unlike Windows * developed by Microsoft which has to be licensed by manufacturers.

So, the Android computers will be powered by the Intel Atom CPU, and we expect the device to be actually tablets featuring a keyboard dock for the users to be able to convert them into laptops when they desire. Unfortunately, none of Intel's current partners have confirmed the fact that they have such a project in development, thus there is no way to tell when the devices will appear on the market nor what specs they will come with.

Even though Perlmutter has not provided an exact period when the Intel based notebooks will be launched, he said that it won't be sooner than the end of 2013 or the beginning of 2014. Of course, this could mean anything and the release of the products could be further delayed. As far as I see it, nothing is set in stone and anything can happen considering that the Intel officials are rather vague in their statements.

What's more interesting is the fact that, even though the price tag for the devices will start at $200, there will also be more expensive tablets that will cost $399 and $499 meaning that Intel has bold plans and want to compete with the high-end tablets. Despite the fact that we don't have that many details it looks like Intel is taking the tablet business seriously.

As the needs of the customers are always changing when it comes to mobile devices, Intel has to study the market and eventually blend in. And Intel does have a chance to become one of the big boys of the tablet market, especially now when the PCs are becoming less and less popular.

We have no doubt that the Intel processors will keep up with the competition because we already have a clear example of what they can do. For now, the only smartphone powered by an Intel CPU released on the market is the Lenovo K900, which not only has obtained a good score in the benchmark tests, but it managed to match the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is known as the fastest smartphone around.

With this kind of background I don't see why Intel would not succeed in the Android tablet business, as well.

Moreover, Intel has announced that the data-only multimode LTE CPUs will be available this summer, and the multimode voice over LTE will be shipped late on, thus Intel does no joke when it says that the mobile business is an important part of its current plans for the future.

Anyway, we have to wait a while until the first Android tablet with Intel processor will be launched. And until then the company has to promote its products intensively in order to make the people give up their PCs and buy an Android notebook. I don't know about you guys, but I think that the hardcore PC gamers will be pretty hard to convince.

eier ยท 6 years ago

what about windows 8. who wants a android tablet, that you can only use to surf web. :(

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