Android Geeks is exactly what the name suggests, a website backed by Android fanatics, who always get their hands on the latest devices, ROMs and apps. We focus on quality and always do our best to provide you with the most interesting news and the best guides to keep you smartphone safe and updated to the latest and greatest version.

Our writers know everything Android-related and we all search for apps to present you, along with custom ROMs and interesting tips & tricks.

Meet our team !

Alex Dumitru

Alex has been an Android user since the good old G1, owns over a dozen Android smartphones, including some of the latest high-end ones, so he can help all of you with them. He almost never lets his phone out of his hand and wouldn't give Android for anything else, so you have to follow his articles for some very good tips & tricks. We also know him for being the only one able to fill his smartphone's 32GB memory with apps and ROMs alone.

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Liviu Anca

Liviu has been with us from the moment Android Geeks saw the light of day. Even though Liviu started his gadget enthusiast life as an iOS user, he soon discovered that Android is his real love. So far, he owned all the flagships of the Galaxy line-up and he enjoys spending his spare time installing custom ROMs, new apps and testing all sorts of Android-powered devices. Liviu is the one who will bring you the latest and the most interesting Android related news, so fell free to return anytime and check his latest discoveries.

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Bogdan Pirvu

Bogdan is the man to go to whenever you need to learn how to apply changes and improve the overall performances of your Android device. Follow his posts to get latest Android news and stay up-to-date with the latest smartphone trends. Recently he obtained a master in financial economics.

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Radu Neda

Radu is passionate about smartphones and likes to try all the new ones, running the new operating systems. He always carries around an Android, Windows Phone and iOS device because he is the guy who compares them all. He managed to brick a few smartphones already, but he also knows how to fix them, so he's a great addition to our team, having a really vast experience.

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Riciu Andrei

Riciu-Andrei-150x150Aside from his biggest love: gaming, Riciu likes Android powered smart-phones because of what they can offer and because of what he can offer with them. He revolves around simplicity, having in
mind the “less is more” idea. Riciu works well with Graphic Design, Web-Design as well as Programming and in the near future, he hopes to start his own business, based on Graphic and Web Design. Currently he is getting his medical degree.

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Gordash Popescu

While we are mostly passionate about rooting and hacking our Android devices, he loves to test apps and has installed literally thousands of apps on his devices. When there's something you need, we bet that he has an app for that.

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Andrei Prescura

Our newest team member, Andrei, loves mobile devices and owns a few smartphones and tablets, aside from his phablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note. He doesn't even use a laptop anymore, because he replaced it with a 3-in-1 device, the Asus Padfone, which he loves. Until now we did not find a single smartphone or tablet he doesn't know everything about.

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