In a surprising move, Google officially introduced Android L earlier this summer at I/O tech conference. They even changed their strategy on how the new update will be released for the public.

As you may know, Google used to introduce two major Android updates a year: one in the summer and the other one mid-to-late fall, but things will be different with Android L. The new Android iteration was officially introduced in the summer, made available for download for testing purposes as Developer Preview, and it will be released for the public this fall, when new Nexus hardware will also see the light of day.

Android L is the most major update Google's mobile platform has seen since birth and Material Design is a big part of this update. Material Design is a whole new design philosophy and Google talked a lot about it at I/O 2014.

Material Design aims to make Android more intuitive with the help of 3D effects and shadows. The interface is flatter, while the new animations allow you to see where everything came from and where everything goes. Everything slides from somewhere and Google has promised fluid transitions at 60 fps.

The new Android L interface as a while pays more attention to details and it's more colorful, being the most important change brought to Android in terms of UI. Most native apps have been redesigned and more will follow soon.

What's your opinion about the new Material Design? Do you like how the new interface looks like? Please let us know in comments.

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