Xiaomi has big plans for 2016 and it has already launched two very capable smartphones recently. The company managed to sell over around 70 million devices last year, and of course, they want to improve that performance and become one of the major players in the mobile industry. Originally said to arrive at the end of 2015, the Xiaomi Mi 5 was announced two months ago. The company had some logistic issues last year so the officials had to push their flagship announcements a few moths. Anyway, the Mi 5 saw the light of day during MWC 2016, which took place in Barcelona in lat February. A month after that, the manufacturer also revealed its new Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro. Further, Xiaomi has stated that a brand new phablet is in the works and the company even launched an online poll in order to let its customers decide the name of the upcoming handset. The device is going to be sold as the Xiaomi Max, and according to the latest rumors, it's gonna be the largest smartphone ever produced by the Chinese manufacturer. Those familiar with the company's lineups might ask what's happening with the Mi Note 2? Well, we don't have any officials news yet, but a new report is surfacing the web, which may be of interest to you.

The first generation of the Xiaomi Note family was released in January 2015. In fact, the company launched the Mi Note Pro as well alongside the standard Mi Note. Both of the handsets shared the same design but there were different in terms of hardware. Just like its name suggested, the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro was more powerful. Usually, it takes about a year until a mobile company launches a successor for a certain smartphone, so we assumed that the Mi Note 2 would be revealed in the first quarter of 2016. There is no need to say that did not happen, and is spite of all this, the media outlets still expect the Mi Note 2 to be introduced sometime this year. There are some rumors which claim that the Xiaomi Max will be powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 CPU, but there is a very small chance for this to be accurate because it would make the Xiaomi Max a high-end phablet and we don't think that the company is ready to replace the Mi Note series so soon. Most likely, the Xiaomi Max will boast in inferior processor.

As mentioned earlier, there is a new report regarding the Xiaomi Mi Note 2. Even if we can't tell if this is actually true or not, Kevin Wang, who is a Chinese analyst, claims that the manufacturer will announce the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 sometime in the second half of 2016, while the Xiaomi Max will be released before the flagship. In other words, we can expect that Xiaomi will reveal the Max phablet before June 31st. Even though nothing has been confirmed yet, it is said that the Xiaomi Max will have a huge display that will measure 6.4 inches, while the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 will allegedly come sporting a 5.7-inch panel. As for the material, both of the products are expected to be made out of metal.

Another aspect that is yet to be confirmed is whether the company will launch an improved version of the Mi Note 2, called the Mi Note 2 Pro, or it will release just the one device. Anyway, the rumor mill regarding these Xiaomi products is only at its beginnings and we expect more details to appear as time passes, so stick around if you are interested in finding out more.


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