Verizon is one of the few carriers that hasn't updated the Samsung Galaxy S4 to Android 4.4.2 KitKat yet, but it seems like this is going to change soon.

According to an internal memo leaked by one of our readers, the company is preparing to roll out the update on May 2. We hope that date remains fixed as it means we're just two weeks away from the update.

Unfortunately Verizon is most of the time very late with updates, but we hope this is going to change in the future, as most phone makers started making promises about timely updates.

The Android 4.4.2 KitKat update will make the Samsung Galaxy S4 faster, smoother and it also brings a few new features. It comes with a full-screen mode, location settings, default app setting and a few more minor changes.

Verizon Galaxy S4

The location settings allow the user to see which location detection feature is using battery and allows him to enable or disable it. The default app setting allows you to see which app is used to perform a specific action and it can also be changed easier than before.

We really hope Verizon's plans from our leaked memo turn out to be true, though we've already seen delayed updates before.

If you aren't patient enough to wait for the official update, then you can try a custom ROM, like Cyanogen Mod. We do have a lot of guides to install custom ROMs on your Galaxy S4 and you can find them here.

Once the official update starts rolling out we will let you know so you can force your Galaxy S4 to check for updates or install it manually.

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