Bell, Rogers and TELUS Canadian carriers are releasing today the official Android 4.4.2 KitKat official update in Canada for Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphones.

Check your device's notification panel and see if there are any new KitKat firmware files available for your Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone. If the new official update is indeed available for download you can simply confirm the installation so that your device will take care of the rest automatically. Make sure to use a Wi-Fi connection in order to download Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for your device.

With the new Android 4.4.2 your Galaxy S3 smartphone will get the following changes no matter if you're on Bell, Rogers or TELUS: a new lock screen access menu, new white status bar icons, translucent navigation bar, improved notification slide, camera shortcut for the lock screen menu, better media controls for music players that are displayed on your phone's lock screen, video player closed captioning for Google and Samsung subtitles, new full-screen immersive mode, better multitasking, improved battery life.

There are tons of other features that will improve the overall Android experience for your Galaxy S3 model such as: expanded emoji icons, wireless printing, camera shortcut icon for lock screen menu, copy & paste support enhanced, email now support inline editing, new default SMS app chooser, phone / dialer tweaks, settings menu improved, better keyboard, UICC now set as default, HCE enabled, bluetooth tweaks, unified Location menu for easier access, and more.

The new update should arrive any time soon for all Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphones on Bell, Rogers and TELUS. Note that this update will be rolled out in phases and you don't need to panic in case the new firmware update won't arrive today. It will most probably be pushed for all stock Galaxy S3 devices by the end of this month.

Check yourself for new Android 4.4.2 KitKat firmware updates by going to Settings> More> About Device> Software Update. If there is any new firmware available for download your phone will automatically download and install it.

Did you get the KitKat 4.4.2 update? If you did, then you should waste no time and start all of its new features and then tell us if the battery life is indeed better than it was on Jelly Bean firmware.

anonymous · 5 years ago

I like the new lock screen changes in 4.4.2.

However, one BIG drawback to the update is the new “Location” setup. They changed Locationservices from being separate checkmarks for “Google/Verizon” location services and GPS locationservices, to one Location service with options for GPS Only,”High Accuracy”, and “Power Saving” modes, essentially combining the two separate check marks into one group of 4 options (the 4th being “off”).
That’s fine, but they also changed the GPS Icon on the notification bar to a “Location” icon, which doesn’t give you easy ability to control which “Location” mode is being turned on. And it seems that the default is always wrong for me.

Generally, I like to leave the Google/Verizon Location services on all the time, but only turn the GPS on when I am using maps to navigate somewhere. Until I updated, that was perfect – if I wanted to toggle the GPS on or off, I could do it with a swipe down of the notification panel, and a click of the GPS icon. Quick and easy. So quick and easy I could even do it while driving without being a distraction.

Now, that capability is gone! In order to adjust the location mode, I have to go into the Locationsettings and choose the right mode. It requires substantially more time and attention. I can’t even get it done at a stop light!


Rick · 5 years ago

I received my update July 4th. Now it keeps dropping my carrier (Bell). Sometimes it will come back by itself. Other times I have to reboot and even then it won't work.
Is anybody else having the same problem?

Dee · 5 years ago

I got the new Rogera update and it has no camera lockscreen icon. No changes I noticed except the stupid show it puts on when you tap on the update numbers in the "my device" section, and harder to see battery level. Pure Bs..

Catherine New West · 5 years ago

How do i find a fix for the issues i am having. Btw it is not the micro sd....

rayyan merchant · 5 years ago

Guys is it only coming out one the 2gb ram versions

Kev8787 · 5 years ago

I got notification to download the update 4 days ago and it started to download the update but I cancelled it because I was not on WiFi and didn't want to use my data. I tried to download it again today, but the software updater (both over the air and on Kies) said my software was up to date already. I only have Jellybean. My girlfriend has the same phone as me and she was able to download it. Some help or advice please?

mdfx · 5 years ago

Does this work? Settings -> More -> About Device -> Software Update -> Check for Updates

MYT CR8TiV · 5 years ago

=[ Could someone help me out ? My husband got the update on his S3 but I can't get it on my S3. We got our phones at the same time from Boost mobile. When I go to Software Update it says I'm currently up to date but I'm still on the 4.3 version. How do I get it to update or where do I find the update ? Maybe I missed or accidentally cleared the notification. Please, help me figure out how to get it updated.

wisdom0054 · 5 years ago

I have boost too, and have not gotten the update. And here it is going into july! But from reading sime peoples post, half are just getting the update. Maybe we have to wait. Also both my sisters have boost, and been had the update for a month now! So I don't know whats going on.

Eddyhad · 5 years ago

I have and S3 and I can not update the new firmware from 4.3 to kitkat version 4.4. I read and article about phone companys that you can update it throu like boost I think optus was another one but vodaphone wasn't that could be the problem or it doesn't matter who your connected to everybody gets it can somebody help me thanks.

galaxys3onfido · 5 years ago

I just got this update on fido and didn't get the new camera button on the lock screen. I haven't noticed most of the reported changes either.

Battery usage seems slightly improved though, but ever so slightly.

Jody · 5 years ago

I dont see how the keyboard is better, it has less options

Heather · 5 years ago

This new update sucks. Has anyone had problemswith their alarm not being audible?

Nathan · 5 years ago

So I got the update last night and now every so often my phone automatically sends a text message to the number 9116, all it says is 'status' but it is bothersome. Anyone else having his issue?

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