The European Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A should be soon released, though there are still no official info related to this upcoming launch. But, similar as for the Galaxy Mega 2, we now have something to rely on: the stock Android 4.4.4 KitKat firmware that will be pre-installed on the Galaxy S5 LTE-A has been made available. So, most likely Samsung will shortly make available its new Galaxy S5 model, which will arrive to various European markets.

Related to the Android 4.4.4 KitKat software, you can now anytime download the stock S5 LTE-A firmware as the same is available on this page. By checking the OS you can make a general idea about the features and the UI which will be included on the new S5 variant. Also, if you are a developer you can start creating a new custom ROM based on this firmware release, or you can import everything you want from the KitKat system.

The European Galaxy S5 LTE-A will be slightly different from the classic Galaxy S5. Thus, the smartphone will feature a 1080p resolution instead of QHD technique, while it will be powered by an Exynos chip (Exynos 5430) instead of a Snapdragon CPU. Other specs are including only 2 GB of RAM, LTE support with in built LTE modem, a 16 MP ISOCELL camera, fingerprint and heart rate sensors, and a 2,800 mAh battery.

In case you are considering in buying the new Galaxy S5 LTE-A stay close as Samsung might release it pretty soon (furthermore the official press release is also highly expected). Until then we will update you with everything that’s new and we will also keep you in touch with the latest updates, root procedures and other Android related tips and tricks.

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