The CyanogenMod team has finally released the first CM 12.1 Stable Releases for all the popular Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, Nexus devices. If you are a tinkerer and you want to install a reliable custom ROM, then the CyanogenMod Android 5.1.1-based builds are the ones that you should try.

CM 12.1 comes with the first stable Android 5.1.1 OS as its base, it adds IMAP idle support and the SDK v1. There are more than 70 devices with CM 12.1 support, so you should head to CyanogenMod Downloads web page to see if your Android device is listed there.

The Android 5.1.1 Lollipop is the latest OS version released by Google, but it hasn't reached too many devices worldwide, which is why most advanced users are turning to custom ROMs when it comes to getting the latest Android features on their phones and tablets. CM 12.1 SNAPSHOT builds are available for download starting today.

If you've used a CyanogenMod custom ROM up until now, then you should know that it is one of the fastest and most reliable builds that you could try on your phone. If you are not an advanced user and you've never played with custom ROM installations, then you should head to XDA Community forums in order to learn the basics.

The CM 12.1 Snapshot September edition is the 1st stable build, but the CyanogenMod will surely continue to release new stable builds after a full month of new CM 12.1 Nightly releases. Keep in eye on CyanogenMod's blog page to learn more about their work and on all the features they've added in these new Android 5.1.1-based custom ROMs.

Use the comments field below and let us know if you've flashed any new CM 12.1 Stable Release ROM on your Android device. Also, feel free to list some of the features that have impressed you the most while you've tested the new custom ROM.

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