After iOs had an advantage (I know, isn't that the queerest thing?!) with a neat app to digitally sign .PDF files, Android is back in the race as this app has been ported over to the World's best mobile OS. Yes indeed, the SignMyPad app, used to sign PDFs, became quickly very very popular and present on iPads.

What if you're not such a hipster and didn't rush to get the new iPad3? Or maybe you just don't like to get your arms or upper legs burnt to salvation each time you watch a movie on your new tablet (you won't be able to read about the new Apple fail with heat issues on the iPad3 here, is all about Android baby! - We do suggest however if you really must). Whichever the case, you want to be able to sign .PDF files on your Android tablet.

The required app does cost a $3.99, at the time of genesis for this guide, but that could change in the future and they may offer a trial or free version. Keep checking. In the meantime, the price is low for all you can accomplish with the app, also the app is stable and pleasantly easy to use - as you can read in the following.

Here is how, quick and straight:

  1.   Click the neat link here and install SignMyPad on your Android device.
  2.  Get your .pdf file read, from received e-mails, folders, internets, whatevs
  3.  The app we are kindly suggesting is implemented in how the Android opens PDFs, so just open your respective file and you'll chose SignMyPad


4. Good and well. Now that the PDF file is open, tap your little finger on the Add option - see on the upper side of the display. It gives a list, pick Signature - hard guess, wansn't it?

5. Sign your name, or whatever text you want, in the box that appears. You can than drag it around to place it appropriately on the document.

6. When done with the positioning and all that, click on the red tick sign and then on the Menu button.

7. Save your new, signed and artistic (NOT) PDF file. We suggest you add "SIGNED" or a "_" in the name, in case you need to pass it on or attach it to an e-mail.

It will also give you an option for sharing, and you can choose e-mail, Dropbox, or whatever other app that handles such actions you may have installed on your lovely Android device, regardless of maker.



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