Google announced yesterday that the Android Market no longer suits their needs and that the time has come to switch to a new digital content service called Google Play. This new service will help users find, download and play music and movies, while the Android Apps and Games will still be the main attraction. Google Play will be the new entertainment hub used by Google, as it continues to be a host for Android applications which now has reached over 450,000 apps that can be downloaded and installed on users' devices.

Google Play should be a step forward for the Mountain View giant, as with its introduction they wish to gather all the other content that such as Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and multiple other sources and distribute it towards their users without the need of using other third party or a different application for each different platform. The former Android Market didn't quite satisfy Google's desire to become the best distribution service for apps, ebooks, music, movies, which is why it has been re-branded and now all these can found in this new software. All these changes are available worldwide only that the music, movies and ebooks are currently available only in the United States, which means that all the other markets need to wait and hopefully soon more and more countries will be included to Google's new digital content service.

You can access Google Play via Android phone, TV or from the web as all content that you need is accessible on all Android platforms. It is not open-source and only the devices that are running Android and if they meet all Google requirements can be used to download and install all the apps added to Play. The main objective for Google Play is to gather and contain all your favorite content in a single place that can be easily accessed from any device. Google can also use the new digital content hub right from their desktops to download apps, view movies, buy music or to read ebooks. Google Play should become your favorite place where to look for digital content.

All the applications and content you downloaded using Android Market will stay where they are, only that from now on you will find them at the Google Play store. The Android Market icon will be replaced and it should say 'Play Store' while the music, video, books should appear as Play Music, Play Movies and Play Books.

Google Play is available worldwide for all markets from today on, but not all devices will receive the update as it will be rolled out for everyone in the next few days. Outside US users should be able to use the content in the near future, however not all countries will have support for movies, ebooks or music. The Movies store is currently available only in US, UK, Canada and Japan. Music Store can be accessed only from the US. eBooks can be accessed only from US, UK, Canada and Australia. The Google Play Store, the one that comprises all apps and games can be accessed from everywhere, while for the other services, it remains unknown if Google decides to launch them. So, if you're not based in the countries listed above, then the only thing you can do is to hope that the complete Play service by Google will be launched worldwide.

In conclusion, the Google Music and Google eBookstore will be integrated within Google Play and if you used these services, then all the music and books you bought will be moved to your Google Play account. Also, if you don't own an Android phone, then you will still be able to use Google Play by accessing it via and log into it using your Google account. If you're an iOS user then you should know that you can use the Google Books iOS app to read all the ebooks you purchased via eBookstore.

Google's main objective is for the Google Play to become the most popular cross-platform service and be available through Google TV, Android phones, Kindle Fire etc which is something new and I personally think that it is a very bold move and with this change Google directly targeted Apple, whose applications, movies, music, ebooks etc are available only through iOS-based devices. In case your device still hasn't updated to Market, then you should wait as the final Play update will be rolled out worldwide in the next few days.

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