In 2019 the Google Play Store on Android TV has reached more than 5000 apps, with these growing from 3000 which was their total number at the start of 2018. The number of apps that we will be able to see on the Android TV Play Store will continue to grow as more and more developers have started to turn their attention towards Google's TV operating system.

The Android TVs all over the world are already packing most of the best streaming apps such as Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, HBO Go, Deezer, and others more. Google has announced that the number of apps has almost doubled since their Android OS has been added to various smart TV and cable boxes worldwide such as Sony, Philips, Nvidia Shield, and others.

The Android TV OS experience is not quite the best when it comes to performance, but its functionality is still miles ahead of its competitors, as you can stream straight from your phone straight to your TV without thinking about what you need to do, as most Android TVs in 2019 are coming with Chromecast built-it that allows users to stream content from their mobile phones and to their smart TVs.

If you are looking to try the Android OS on a TV, then we strongly recommend you using the Nvidia Shield TV first, as it is the smoothest and fastest in terms of performance, or you can choose to buy a brand new TV launched this year with Android as its default OS. On older TVs Android OS might seem sluggish and lagging when trying to move between apps or launching a video, but this should get better hopefully as soon as developers will improve and optimize their apps.

Today Google's I/O annual developer conference takes place, and we should be getting tons of new info related to Android TV, Android Auto, Android Q, and on a brand new streaming video game platform called Stadia. Tell us in comments what you're expecting to see announced at Google I/O.

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