The age-old war between Android and Apple users has been waged since the first of these smartphones hit the shelves. One group swear that Apple remains on top while the other army waves their pitchforks and claim Apple is listening to you sleep. From the founded to the bizarre claims, there is a more niche argument circulating on gaming forums and on Facebook groups. And that argument is which type of smartphone is better for online gaming.

For people who like to play slots at Royal Vegas Casino and play smartphone games on the move, the decision of what smartphone to buy can hinge on its ability to play games efficiently and reliably. So, which OS is better for video and casino gaming?

Apple Users Get Their Games First

It is an undeniable fact that Apple smartphone owners get to access game titles from the Apple Store before their counterparts will see them available on the Google Play Store. The reason for this is rather straightforward. When developers make games, they only have to cater the games to a limited number of OS versions and only two different types of devices, iPads and iPhones. On the other hand, when developers create games for Android users, they will have to make the game applicable for vastly more OS versions from different smartphone companies.

This is the norm for video-type games, but what about casino games? Most casinos will enable users to use their apps or smartphone site from Apple and Android smartphones. This means their casino games have usually already been made to fit both before release, or the games are limited to certain Android devices.

Apple’s Gambling Crackdown

Anyone who owns an Apple smartphone and plays games on it will be aware that Apple can randomly introduce new laws that wipe games off their store. This can be done to any type of app and for a host of reasons, yet, Apple did ban hundreds of gambling apps overnight and this affected millions of casino haunters. Those using the most established online casinos were not affected by Apple’s decluttering process, but Android does not interfere in the same way. It is rare for Android to suddenly remove apps from their store and this will keep casino-lovers feeling secure.

A Word on Quality and the Verdict

If the decision between Apple and Android hinges on the quality of these games, then there is no real difference when buying the same standard of Android or Apple phone. Of course, buy an expensive Apple device and a cheap Android one and you will notice differences.

The overall verdict is that if you are playing at an established casino then there really isn't much to argue about. If you are not using renowned apps, you may need to worry about Apple removing your casino app down the line. For smartphone video gamers who want games early, choosing Apple will be the smart choice. 

Miguel Fabian · 1 week ago

Here are my two cents. Apple offers a consistent style and quality and their devices seem to function with great simplicity – all of which come at a price. Yet the best Android phones can offer the same looks and benefits, and often slightly cheaper too. And in addition, there are Android phones to suit every pocket and a vast range of supporting apps providing a host of functions.
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Chris · 1 week ago

It’s not a simple choice because both platforms offer a lot of great features, and in many ways, they appear much the same apart from the brand and price. Google allows many phone manufacturers to use Android software, which is why there are so many brands at different price points, and so many models with different features. On the other hand, Apple alone manufacture iPhones, which means they can strictly control how the hardware and software perform together.
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Maya26 · 1 week ago

I prefer Apple all the way!! Thanks for the share!

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Johny Johny · 3 weeks ago

Apple and Google both have fantastic app stores. But Android is far superior at organizing apps, letting you put important stuff on the home screens and hide less useful apps in the app drawer. Also, Android's widgets are much more useful than Apple's.

But for games from smaller developers, the difference is as clear as day and night. Playing Indie games on iPhones offer a much more improved experience than on Android. The differences can still be impacted by the differences in phone quality but in the end, iPhone users get the better of experiences.

I don't use my phone for gaming anymore, I download games on my PC like bubble shooter classic. For me gaming in PC is much better than mobile sonce you are using a big screen and a much higher specs cpu. Although you wouldn't need that to play bubble shooter puzzle game.

Robert Martin · 1 month ago

You should also try Bubble Witch Saga 2 game. It have of new features for PC/MAC.

BlueStacks · 3 months ago

I personally use Android Emulators to play games on my PC. But, sometimes the Bluestack Emulator seems to behave insane. Is there any Bluestacks alternative to Play Games on PC. KIndly Suggest.

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