Jean-Claude Biver announced the appearance of the newest Tag Heuer smartwatch. With a price tag of $1500, this item is said to be one of the most cutting edge technology piece and will be known as the Carrera Connected.

In order to achieve his ideal, Tag Heuer made an agreement with Google and Intel and went to the drawing board to put together one of the most desirable smartwhatches. The Carrera connected is powered by Android Wear and is capable of an easy wireless synchronization with any smartphone, fitness and other vital functions tracking, together with many other new features, unavailable at the moment, on the premises that what’s best is kept last.

Tag Heuer aim high and so does their latest product, considering the $1500 price tag. It only shows the fact that they want to compete with the best itms on the market, such as Apple Watch, which costs somewhere around $1000. Tag Heuer is not the company to produce low cost items, and their new developments are set for a certain category of customers. Moreover, this leap to the premium platform enables Google to expand its horizons, not to talk about Intel, the companies that made everything possible during the process.

The newest smartwhatch of Tag Heuer is available with six wristbands, everyone wearing a brand new color, and they surely managed to find the best colours, in order to attract customers through elegance, style and taste. The smartwhatches will be present in New York on Monday and afterwards will make their way through Europe. It is not rocket science to figure the fact that Tag Heuer refers to a certain class of customers, hence the $1500 price tag, but it does not either want to sell hundreds of thousands of items. It is more like the need to compete with the top companies and deliver a good product at the same time.

A good watch is hard to find, the best smartwatch is said to be The Carrera Connected. Would you agree?

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