The eternal war between Good and Ev.. wait, no, between Chickens and the filthy Pigs wages on in cosmic space! Now available on your Android, Angry Birds Space.  rush on right after you finish reading this newsflash and download it for Android device. Google Play will be flooded, no doubt.

Allright, if you're in such a rush to try out the new Android Angry Birds game, head on to: Amazon Appstore or to Google Play on download it for your smartphone, stupidphone, tablet or whatever.

The new version of the viral game is now official, bluntly named Angry Birds Space - but you probably caught note of that already. The game benefits from a new mechanics in the gameplay (look at me talking all techy about Angry Birds like it was some new PGL league game, heh), that includes variable gravitation. Your throwing of  birds in various constructions and set-ups in order to remove the threat of piggishness should be more challenging that ever.

Angry Birds Space comes in three editions: free (of course), premium for 99 cents (Amazon, it offers no ads tranquillity) and HD, for those that may get a device with HD display, such as this here neat new Motorola let's say.

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