The AnyTrans for Android by iMobie is a great tool designed to help users backup and restore data from their smartphones easily. This app is offering enough features and functions that will help you better organize and control all the data that is currently stored on your smartphone.

The main features that the AnyTrans for Android app are:

  • data transfer between Android smartphone and computer.
  • cross-device transfer between Android phones and iOS-to-Android devices.
  • single click backup for all your photos, albums, videos, playlists, and any other data you have stored on your phone.
  • contacts, SMS text messages and call logs easy backup.
  • move all data from your phone to your PC with a single click.
  • install, uninstall, and backup any Android app without worrying about losing any data.
  • ultra-fast transfer for any type of data file.
  • support for organizing all your Contacts data, so that you will easily be able to edit existing Contact details.
  • multi-language support.
  • SMS text messages backup via Email.
  • adding data from PC to phone.
  • and multiple other small features that will make your life easier.

The AnyTrans for Android is a great tool and for it to launch and work as intended you will also need to enable the USB Debugging option on your Android smartphone. This is done by going to Settings> About Phone menu and here you have to tap 7 times on the Build Number text. Now the Developer Options menu is listed under the Settings menu. Open Developer Options and find USB Debugging to enable it. When you're done connecting your phone with the PC you are free to start transferring data between them.

The interface of the AnyTrans for Android Manager app is easy to follow and you will find all your data files organized by category, so that each folder is only a couple of click away from being opened. Here is a list of all the main categories listed by AnyTrans for Android: photos, music, videos, ringtones, contacts, messages, call log, calendar, document, apps, apk files and zipped files. NOTE: these were the categories listed in my app, as you might have different ones depending on the type of content you currently have stored on your phone.

This app works via USB cable connection, but you can also use it over Wi-Fi. Both connections will work as intended and it only depends on each person preference. If you are looking for a great SMS text messaging manager, then the AnyTrans for Android app is the one that you should use.

My personal favorite tool integrated in AnyTrans for Android app is the one that allows you to install/ uninstall apps with a single click. The Apps organizer menu allows you to sort installed applications by size and name, so you can easily find the apps that you haven't used in a while and remove them in case these are occupying way too much storage space.

Also, you can backup entire apps and have them stored on your computer in order to restore them on your device in case you have to use them some time in the future. Let's say that you have no storage space left on your phone, then you can choose to backup a large app on your PC and remove it from the phone's storage, so that it doesn't keep any unwanted storage space from being used. At a later date you can restore the entire backed up application easily using the same menu. NOTE: remember where you've saved the backed up apps, so that you will be able to restore it.

In order to install the AnyTrans for Android app on your computer you will have to download the app, run the installer, and then follow the setup instructions in order to make sure that you complete the process successfully.

The AnyTrans for Android tool also offers support for moving content from iOS to Android and viceversa. Another great feature packed with this app is the one that allows you to easily transfer data between an old Android device and a newer one. If you wish to change your Android smartphone with a newer one and you're worried about moving data between these, then you shouldn't worry as you can easily complete such process using the Android Mover utility found inside AnyTrans app.

This utility offers one more feature, the Media Downloader function, which allows users to save important videos that they are currently hosting it on other media websites. All in all, the AnyTrans for Android tool by iMobie is a fantastic tool, and it provides tons of features and functions that will help you better organize all your Android smartphone files, apps, contacts, text messages and all the other files.

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