AnyTrans for Android is a data and files manager that allows users to easily transfer and move files between Android phones any time such action is required.

Transferring files between two Android phones or from an Android phone to your computer is not the easiest of tasks, which is why using an app like AnyTrans proves to be a must.

The AnyTrans for Android app is a great file manager as it supports both smartphone and tablets, so it should allow you to take control over all your important pictures, videos, documents and any other type of data that you have currently stored on your device. The app also offers support for computer, so that you will be able to move files from your device and on to your computer.

This app also offers transfer over Wi-Fi support and support for Windows computers, so that you will be able to transfer your data without the need of using an USB cable. If your Android smartphone is constantly telling you that the free space is nearing its limit, then you will need an app that is capable of transferring all your bigger files from the phone and on to your computer.

AnyTrans for Android can be used to transfer music file, video files, photos, documents that together are occupying tens of GBs on your phone's storage derive. You can use the app to manage each type of file by category so that you will move all the files fast without worrying about time. Note that the transfer speeds and time to complete such tasks depends on the total number of files and their size, as in case your data goes over 100GBs, then you shouldn't expect the app to move that amount in ten minutes.

Another cool feature that AnyTrans for Android is offering is the Instant Photo Sharing tool. For this to work you will need two devices with the app installed on both of them, so that the files are shared instantly.

You can use AnyTrans for Android to move data and media files from your computer and on to your Android smartphone only by dragging and dropping action. Another cool function that you can use is the one that lets you delete files you don't need in batches, so that you can regain free space faster.

AnyTrans for Android app is capable of backing up personal data and info from Contacts, Messages, Call Logs and Calendar apps. If you don't want to lose all your contacts and text messages, and you want to use an alternative to Google's apps, then this app allows you to backup such files directly to your PC. You can use the app to transfer and backup text messages from Samsung phones, and from any other type of Android smartphone that you are currently using.

If you need to backup data from other apps or you need to install/ uninstall multiple apps at the same time, then you can also do that. This app can backup all your apps and you can use a search function, too, in case you need to find what you are looking fast. This app is an excellent Android manager for all your data and you'll find it easy to control it and all of its functions.

The AnyTrans for Android app also allows you to transfer data between Android and iOS devices as well. This is possible by having the app installed on both your iOS and Android devices. You can download the app at any time and test all its features starting today.

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