Valve has partnered with Magic: The Gathering creator, Richard Garfield, and created an online PvP card game called Artifact. The game will reach all Android and iOS devices in 2019, according to ArtifactSpy.

Artifact is a digital trading card game, similar to Hearthstone, that is also known as the Dota 2 Card Game because its lore is mostly drawn from the Dota 2 universe. At first the game will be released for computer systems and it will be available starting with November 28th.

Richard Garfield was approached by Valve and they tasked him with creating and implementing Dota 2 elements into a trading card game like Artifact. At first the game was designed to mostly copy the Dota 2 gameplay with all action taking place through the card abilities and powers, but after a while the game development stage evolved and it has become Artifact.

Artifact in its current stage has moved on from its initial story, as there are now 4 different hero classes divided by colors, while at the start there were only 3. However, Valve has announced that they will continue to develop and enhance Artifact gameplay, and we can speculate that there will be a new hero class added some time in 2019. Maybe this will coincide with the official release date of Artifact for Android and iPhone devices.

Artifact for Android gameplay will be the same as the one on computers, as Valve has designed it to fully support cross-platform play. Artifact for Android and iOS will be the first Valve game that will use their Source 2 engine on mobile devices. Also, Valve will massively invest in the eSports scene of Artifact, as they already are hosting and supporting major eSport tournaments for Counter Strike Global Offensive and Dota 2. Also, Valve has announced that they are going to host a million dolar eSport competition in 2019.

Artifact for computers will cost $20, and we expect the same price to be applied for its mobile counterpart. Tell us in comments below what you think about this game and if you're planning on trying it out when it gets out for your Android device. Note that in case you want to play it before it gets to mobile devices, then you can buy it from Steam starting with November 28th 2018.

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