The AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 users can start to cheer as their beloved smartphone is receiving the official Android 4.4.2 KitKat OTA Update right now.

The update is also rolled out for the Samsung Galaxy S3 in Canada at Bell, Rogers and TELUS. However, for the AT&T Galaxy S3 you should expect the new firmware to roll out today. As you probably know only the LTE-capable Galaxy S3 versions will get the official Android 4.4.2 KitKat, while the I9300 International Galaxy S3 will stay on Jelly Bean firmware.

Verizon is also planning on releasing the Android 4.4.2 Update for Galaxy S3 users, but there is no official release date set for the moment.

Start checking your smartphone's notification panel and be the first to install the brand new firmware on your smartphone. With this new upgrade you will get tons of new features and functions that should greatly improve the overall Android experience  for your AT&T gGalaxy S3 device.

With Android 4.4.2 KitKat your Galaxy S3 AT&T smartphone will get for the first time the brand new lockscreen access, a new SMS default application chooser, media controls, DriveMode, Beat Music, new white status bar cons, navigation bar toggles, a much more comprehensive notification bar, video player closed captioning support for Google Subtitles and Samsung Subtitles, Unified Location settings menu, a bigger emoji icons screen, camera shortcut for the lockscreen menu, and multiple other changes.

The new SMS default chooser menu allows you to set any messaging application as your default handler for text, chat and other similar functions. An Android app that fits this description would be the Google Hangouts.

Other small features added by this Android 4.4.2 KitKat Update for your AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3: wireless printing support, prevention information pop-up  alert is dimished now, better copy and paste support, bluetooth improvements, tweaked Bluetooth connection, new full-screen immersive KitKat mode for tons of new applications, keyboard optimizations, HCE enabled, UICC is now set as default, GMS apps update, new improvements for Phone / Dialer app, and more others.

If you will get the Galaxy S3 AT&T Android 4.4.2 KitKat OTA Update notification today, then you should make sure to click it. After that you should simply read the changelog and confirm download and installation.

If there is no Android 4.4.2 KitKat OTA update notification displayed by your AT&T Galaxy S3 device, then you can choose to search for new files by yourself from Settings> More> About Device> Software Update menu. Click the 'Check for updates' button and if there is a new firmware available you simply have to confirm installation and the phone AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 device will take care of the rest.

The Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for Galaxy S3 at AT&T has the firmware version set to I747UCUFNE4 and it is currently rolled out in phases, so you shouldn't worry if the new firmware files won't be sent your way today. All stock devices will eventually get the new firmware.

Note that the official KitKat update will not be sent to your device if you are currently running a custom ROM.

If you got the update, then tell below which are your favorite new features.

Use our tutorial here if you want to manually flash the new update on your phone.

muhammad · 5 years ago

but my device was not getting the update of 4.4.2 kitkat...

Anthony Lenzo · 5 years ago

Just got update to KItKat (4.4.2) today, on Bell Canada. Do see much difference (yet) from 4.3

Amy Elizabeth Kachelries · 5 years ago

I got the update but there's no option for emoticons? I have s3 with verizon. Any help would be appreciated!

dave104 · 5 years ago

Not a fan of the changes to the location settings - before you could just turn GPS on and off separately from the Location Settings menu, but now they've been combined, which is not convenient.

Chopperdude · 5 years ago

Also added was ANT+ support, this is important to fitness enthusiasts.

Kevin · 5 years ago

I got the update Wednesday. I don't really see the changes that were made except for the Locations toggle in the notification panel. Other than that I see nothing different.

Johnny F Render II · 5 years ago

Im downloading the KitKat update for Verizon GS3 right now

john · 5 years ago

I've been using android 4.4.2 on my AT&T galaxy s3 for the past day I got it first thing yesterday afternoon and its been great and a cool feature that wasn't listed in the changelog is the multiwindow new features brought to it, it is great, and speed is super fast, battery is doing great im so far loving this update thank you AT&T for bringing a great end to the galaxy s3 updates :)

Jacques-André Langelier · 5 years ago

I dont know for you but before that update my battery would last barely 6-8 hours to the point i ordered a new one a week ago. Since the update however, my phone lasts for over 36 hours.

muhammad · 5 years ago

but i have not get the update on my samsung s3....!!!

Drazse · 5 years ago

When will the Telekom i9305 variant receive the 4.4.2 update?!

Joseph · 5 years ago

It's sending my phone in a loop and will not boot up

Schultzter · 5 years ago

Before the update I was using Hangouts for SMS. The upgrade disabled the integration without telling me. And when tried to re-enable it I got a nasty warning that things might not work properly if I wasn't using a Samsung app!

bill · 5 years ago

Solution to old status updates: next time they show up hold your finger down on one of the messages. A bubble will pop up for download manager, tap it. Once the download manager opens click on "clear data" then "ok", followed by "clear cache" and "ok." Problem solved. As for me, I didn't get lockscreen widgets (camera). Unless the don't appear when you have a passcode on your phone?

katie · 5 years ago

The update keeps pushing past notifications. After clearing them they reappear on my notification list. So I tried opening up each one and then clearing it but the problem still continues.

Laura · 5 years ago

After updating mine, I keep getting a notification for "CreateImage.gif Download complete", if I click on it, it says media not found, but the icon reappears minutes later. Same goes if I try to swipe it away. Anyone know what this is for or how to get rid of it?

Paul · 5 years ago

I have two GalaxyS3 phones from ATT however only one received the update. I don't see much change. Setting the phone side by side the only thing I see is the icons have been moved around but nothing added or deleted as far as I can tell.

Donna Johnson · 5 years ago

It came for me last night. It ran quickly and smoothly. I already had some of the features prior to the update though. Specifically the lockscreen options like the camera shortcut and the media controls with full screen artwork. Still... always glad to get new stuff to play with, as long as it works well. *fingers crossed*

bobbya0785 · 5 years ago

I just check but no update.. is it rolling out throughout the day?

Charles Adams · 5 years ago

When will the T-Mobile SGH-T999 variant receive the 4.4.2 update?

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