Today's the Christmas Eve and below you can find some of the best Android Games that you can play in case you're on your way home or to a friend's house. All titles are listed randomly and you can find RPGs, puzzlers, action shooters and others that should offer you enough entertainment before the end of this year.

Note that most games require you to pay a small fee in order to install them, but you will at least get rid of any in-app purchases. However, there are two "free" titles that are coming with in-app purchases, so it would be best for you to supervise your young ones while they're playing in order to prevent them from buying any extra game contents without your permission.

Baldur's Gate 2 - $9.99

Baldur's Gate II

The second installment in the Baldur's Gate RPG game series is now live for Android, too. This game comes to our phones and tablets fourteen years since its official release in 2000 on computers.

Baldur's Gate 2 for Android is an Enhanced Edition pack that contains the original game store as well as all the expansions ever released for it. If you were a fan of this game on PC, then you should really give it a try. If you're planning on completing the game then you should know that you will have to play for more than 100 hours, as there are tons of side quests and missions.

Baldur's Gate II is live from Google's Play Store for $9.99 here. Note that you can install it only on Android 3.0 and later OS versions. Also, you will find some optional in-app purchases in this release.

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft - FREE


If you're a fan of Warcraft and of card-based games, then this Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft if the Android video game that you should play. After installation you will receive a free start deck of cards after completing the first mission.

The game features in-app purchases, but you can skip them if you want to play the game just for fun with basic decks. However, if you do want to get your hands on better decks, then you should be prepared to pay some serious money if you want to gain a visible advantage over your opponents.

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft is available from Google Play Store here for free. Note that it can be played only on tablets with screen bigger than 6 inches and running Android 4.0 and later OS versions.

Brothers in Arms 3 - FREE

Brothers in Arms 3

The 3rd installment in the Brothers in Arms video game series has gone live for Android 4.0 and later OS versions. The gameplay has been changed and the graphics engine has been greatly improved.

Brothers in Arms 3 is now played from a 3rd person view, while the previous titles in the series were first person shooters. Now you will have to duck and cover behind various objects in order to plan your best way to defeat the enemies that the game is throwing at you.

Brothers in Arms 3 can be installed from Google's Play Store here for free. You can use the in-app purchases and buy in-game currency in order to get your hands on better items and weapons.

GTA: Chinatown Wars - $2.99

GTA Chinatown Wars

This was game that was originally released for the first Nintendo DS platform and five years after that its developers have decided that it should be available on Android, too. Chinatown Wars features a top-down camera view, cartoon-like graphics, and a story that will have you play a Huang Lee.

You're a son whose father was killed by the Triads and now you need to find and deliver a sword to your Uncle Kenny. It should help him regain control of the Liberty City's Triad gangs and avenge your father's death.

GTA Chinatown Wars can be bought from Google Play Store for only $2.99 here. There are no in-app purchases and you can install it on all Android 4.0 and later OS editions.

EXILES - $6.99


Crescent Moon Games has created EXILES, a Sci-Fi 3D RPG title that will send you to an alien planet where a corrupt government has managed to enslave the planet's colonies using a virus. You will play as an Elite Enforcer and your sole mission is to defeat the evil aliens and uncover all the secrets and learn about their true intentions.

EXILES is now live on Google Play Store for $6.99 here. It can be installed on all Android 4.0 and newer OS versions without worrying about any in-app purchases.

80 Days - $5.00

80 Days

Have you ever dreamed of travelling around the world in eighty days? I'm sure you have since Jules Verne has planted this idea in every human's mind after his 'Around the World in Eighty Days' novel was published in 1873.

Inkle Ltd company has decided to create a game based on that very same novel, but set in a much more modern world. Embark in a journey that you will have to complete in 80 days or less while competing against others that are attempting the same feat. 80 Days beautifully combines RPG and puzzle-solving elements and it is a game that you must play before the end of this year.

Fans of Jules Verne and his work can buy this beautiful game from Google Play Store here. You can install 80 Days for Android 2.3 and later OS versions for only $5.00. The game doesn't feature any in-app purchases. If you can think of other great titles, then you should tell us in comments below.

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