The month of July on Google's Play Store has started great, as there were hundreds new apps and games released since the 1st. Below you can find some of the best Android Games released in the past seven days.

We've listed basic info about each individual title and the Google Play Store installation links. Most titles are free to play, but you should note that those that are free will show ads and are packed with in-app purchases.

If you are a notorious Android gamer, then you can tell us about the games that you've played in the last few days, too. All the video games below are listed randomly.

Sword of Xolan - FREE

Sword of Xolan

This game has been created by the same team behind Manuganu series, only that for Sword of Xolan, they've added a layer of pixel art style over the gameplay graphics and a beautiful story. You will play as Xolan, a brave young man who needs to defeat all evil and make his lands safe again from zombies, giants and other evil creatures.

You will more than 30 adventure levels, on-screen controls, bosses, nine time challenging levels, controller support, Game Center achievements and a beautiful soundtrack.

Sword of Xolan is available from Google Play Store for all the Android 2.3 and later OS versions. You can install this game for free, but you should know that it contains in-app purchases.

Vainglory - FREE


This is a MOBA, real-time strategy video game that resembles other titles that were popular on computers such as League of Legends and Dota. It packs beautiful E.V.I.L Engine graphics, 20-minute matches, custom hero builds, true laning, 3v3 multiplayer and spectator mode support, hero in-battle upgrades through the battlefield shop.

Vainglory can be installed on all the Android 4.4 and later versions from Google Play Store here. Note that the game is free, but it contains in-app purchases.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions - $4.99

Geometry Wars 3

Geometry Wars 3 is an arcade casual shooter and it is being developed by Activision. It packs more than 50 campaign levels with 3D grid shapes, boss battles, 5 classic arcade levels, ten different battle modes like Claustrophobia, King and Pacifism, companion drones, single and dual-stick controls, bluetooth controller support, and other great features that will surely impress everyone who tests it.

This game is ready for download at Google's Play Store starting with $4.99. Since you've got to pay for installing the game, then you should know that it is free of any extra in-app purchases.

Socioball - FREE


This is a puzzler in which you will have to control and guide a ball  to its final destination. It packs simple graphics, over 60 levels that will have you use your logic in order to correctly place the tiles in order to complete the game.

Socioball allows you to create your own levels too using the puzzle editor tool. Also, the game feature social features such as Twitter support to let others know about your own achievements.

Socioball can be installed on all Android 3.0 and later versions from Google Play Store here. You can play the game for free, but watch out for some annoying ads. There are no in-app purchases.

House of Grudge - $0.99

House of Grudge

If you're a fan of horror and escape-the-room type games, then the House of Grudge should be the next game that you will install on your device. It packs 2d environments, a horror atmosphere using audio and visual effects, tricks and riddles to be solved, secret rooms, and numerous challenges that should keep you glued to your phone's screen for a few hours.

Note that the developers are stating that this "game may cause seizures, accelerated heart rate that can be harmful for expecting mothers, the elderly, children and others with heart conditions'. If you're planning on allowing your kid to play this game, then you should keep an eye on him while it start playing it.

You can grab the game from Google Play Store here for $0.99. It doesn't feature any in-app purchase and it can be installed on all Android 3.0 and newer OS builds.

These were all the games that we had found to be entertaining enough to warrant a mention in our post. If you can think of other great Android Games recently released, then you can tell us in comments below.

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