Since the release of Android OS, most web browser developers begun to develop mobile versions and as the time goes by these are getting better and better. In this post you will find ten different web browsers that you can use on your Android smartphone and, most of these are working on devices that are running the Android 2.2 and newer versions.

Note that the web browsers that I have listed below are listed in no particular order as I wasn't unable to determine which one is the best. Also, note that all these are available from Google Play Store and, if you want to use them then you will simply have to click the links listed under each web browser section. Most of these web browsing apps are supported on all Android devices such as smartphones, tablet and phablets.

So, if you don't like the stock browser that comes with your Android device then you should check our list below and learn about other Web Browsers that are way better. All the apps listed below are popular in 2012 and are supported on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS.

If you consider that this post should've contained other Android web browsers then you should tell us in comments and we will update the post accordingly.

Dolphin Browser:

This is one of the most popular web browsing application currently stored in Google's Play Store. It is lightning fast and extremely user-friendly, which must be why there are over 15 million users currently browsing the web with it. It is free to use and it comes with support for add-ons, Sonar and Gestures. There are thousands of other small features that makes the web browsing easy, as if you would use a desktop PC and not a small 3-4-5 inch mobile device.

One of its most popular features is the Sonar. This function allows you to speak into your device and then the web browser will search the Internet using the words it heard. It has support for bookmarking favorite web sites, gestures, over 60+ add-ons, a webzine function that allows users to browse the web without seeing any ads. Speed Dial is also incorporated within and you can use it to easily access your most visited websites with a single tap of the Android device display. Obviously, it has support for tabbed browsing.

The Dolphin Sidebar takes your web browsing experience to a whole new level along with the BOX for Dolphin,, Dolphin QRCode share, bookmarks saved directly on to your device's SD storage, Alexa Rank Dolphin, Dolphin Translate, Dolphin Password Manager Lite, RSS, Web to PDF, PDF Viewer for Dolphin, Google Reader Notifier, Bookmarks widget and many many others. If you didn't use the Dolphin Browse until now, then you should give it a try and I'm sure that it will impress you.

If you want to test Dolphin Browser head to its dedicated Google Play Store web page and get it from there.

Firefox by Mozilla:

The Mozilla Firefox for Android devices is free and it brings almost all the desktop web browser functions right on your smartphone / tablet device. It is a fast app, very easy to use by beginners, customization is supported and, it brings some of the best security functions and numerous other privacy functions that will allow you to be safe when browsing the world wide web from your Android device.

The developers of Mozilla Firefox for Android included the Smart functions into the app, functions that will allow you to smart search, easily go between tabs and support for desktop-to-mobile Sync feature. It works with any Android OS version and you can use it freely by downloading it from Google Play Store. Other features that are present in this browser are the Mobile video support for multiple video formats. HTML5, Add-ons, Render Mode and a full Sync function that allows to connect your Phone browser with your desktop one.

There are numerous other features and functions and you should really give this app a try as it should do it work successfully without too much problems. You can head to Google Play Store and install it on your device. It has been installed by over 20 million users and it seems like with the latest update this number will continue to grow. In fact, I'm putting the Firefox Mobile web browser for Android is in my personal Top 3 table for 2012.

Opera Mobile web browser:

I loved the desktop version of this web browser and I still enjoy using it on my smartphone, as it is a smooth, fast and reliable app when it comes to browse the internet via 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi but it still doesn't have the multitude of functions that you can find in Dolphin, Chrome or even Firefox. However, Opera Mobile web browser for Android continues to attract numerous users because of the sleek and easy to work around UI, the Speed Dial and the Opera Link service function.

Opera Mobile for Android comes with sharing integration for Twitter and Facebook, but this isn't something new like the Fraud Protection function that was added recently with the latest version so that users on all Android OS versions will have their privacy protected against hackers. However, you should still be careful with the information you share from your smartphone.

This mobile web browser is a great alternative besides Chrome or Dolphin and if you're using Opera Mobile on your PC, then you should use it on your Android device, too. It comes with Opera Link function that allows you sync desktop web browser with the smartphone/ tablet variant and so you will easily share bookmarks, speed dials etc.

Download and install Opera Mobile for Android from Google Play Store HERE. It is a free app.

If you're currently on a limited or slower data plan then you can choose to use the Opera Mini variant HERE.

Google Chrome for Android:

The Chrome web browser might still be young when it comes to being used on Android smartphone, but it still manages to impress through its simple UI and intuitive search functions, that have been important from the world's most used PC Desktop web browser. However, the Android version still has some bugs as it sometimes seems like it freezes on several devices and not every time is capable of completing a voice search successfully.

If you're using the Chrome PC version and you own an Android device, then it is a 'must-have' application on your smartphone / tablet. The UI is highly intuitive, it has support for syncing bookmarks, tabs and even omnibox data. You can switch between tabs by swiping from left to right or vice versa. You can use extensions and send a web page from Chrome PC to your Chrome on your Android device with just a single click. The incognito mode is efficient and all the tabs and web pages that you don't want to keep in your phone's history will not be recorded when using it.

Most features that are incorporated in the desktop version are also present in the mobile edition for Android. We can only dream about what Google has in store for the Chrome Android web browser. It is currently used by over 30 million users and this number can only rise as the time goes by. It is fast, reliable and it features a fantastic Sync function that should make you forget the random freezes or those other minor bugs that are still in need of being fixed by Google.

If you want to use Chrome for Android then you should get it from Google Play Store HERE.

Maxthon Android Web Browser:

This is an alternative web browser for mobile devices that are running Android and for users that don't want to use the other titles listed above. It is surprisingly fast and comes with support for private browsing, cloud syncing, it is free and no ads are shown, full screen functions, add-ons etc. It is a great small application that doesn't eat too much memory despite the fact that it packs some great features and functions.

It is being used by almost 5 millions users and despite the fact that it faces a really strong competition, Maxthon for Android still delivers a fast interface and a great experience for browsing the Internet from your mobile device. It features multiple tools and functions that should impress even an advanced user because of the Advanced Gestures, Quick back cache software, sharing capabilities with Facebook, email, SMS, Twitter and multiple other apps integration support.

It doesn't have any ads, it offers tabbed browsing, multiple customization functions, a download manager and a www/ wap switcher. There might be multiple other tools but you can only find them all by testing it.

Download and install the Maxthon Web Browser for Android from HERE. This is the smartphone variant.

For the tablet version click HERE.

Boat Browser:

This is a small browser that offers users of Android phones the possibility to browse the web fast and easily while also being able to fully customize its interface so that you could add your own cool look and favorite plugins. This browser allows you to rearrange buttons, add and remove them and, you can also customize the actions for Volume Keys and color, which means that you can set the volume keys to switch between tabs or to scroll up / down pages.

It features a Side TOolbar that you can access it by simply swiping from right to left or you can even set your own gesture that will draw the toolbar automatically. This web browser features a speed dial function that allows you to set your favorite web pages for easier access. It has support for multitouch pinch zoom, copy and paste text, voice command and voice search, support for video, flash video and youtube video, etc.

All the other functions can be discovered only if you test it for a few hours. If you want to use this app, then you can download and install it by visiting its Google Play Store dedicated web page.

Also, you can choose to use the lightweight version of Boat Browser called Mini.

UC Browser:

This is a smart alternative for Chrome, Firefox or Dolphin browse and it brings almost all the functions that are already present in those apps. This in an application for users that want to use a different Android web browser  which received numerous awards in the past and one that has several adaptable functions that you set in order to reduce data traffic over different network connections.

It is simple and it packs a nice-looking layout and an user-friendly interface that shouldn't pose too many problems while using it. Its sharing functions allows you to share content and web pages to Facebook, Google + and Twitter right from the browsers' UI. Also, it packs a download manager so that you can a better control over the files you download using your phone.

The Night Mode is a function that should help you browse easier while there is little or no light. There are multiple other functions that you can try but most of them require direct usage, so you should get the web browser from Google's UC Browser Play Store web page. Click here for the UC Browser Mini version.

There are multiple other web browsing solutions, and you should browse Google Play Store web page, as I'm sure that you will find some other apps that will suit your needs for when you will look for your favorite default Android web browser. Some other small web browsers are listed below and if you like them then you should simply click their respective names and install them on your smartphone / tablet device.

Here are some honorable mentions for Android web browsing tools:

  • Ninesky Browser.
  • QQ Browser.
  • Skyfire Web Browser.
  • One Browser ( formerly known as iBrowser )

If you know of any other web browser that you consider to be much better than the ones I've listed above, then you should tell us in comments and we will try to update this web page with the best ones. Also, feel free to leave comments in which you're detailing the bugs and errors you've found while using the applications listed above or, you can simply choose to use their each respective 'report bug' button to notify developers.

Note that all the Android Web Browsers that I've listed in this post  are free to use and are listed in no particular order.

Kisan Parmar · 6 years ago

UC browser is my fav. browser. I will love it always!

Kisan Parmar · 6 years ago

Well this is really cool post. UC Browser is world's best browser I have ever seen. I am using it since 5 years. Loving it!

Gautham@SmashPixels · 6 years ago

UC Browser is my favorite browser, it is one of the lightest and fastest web browsers ever

Kisan Parmar · 6 years ago

Yes exactly same here, I also love this browser really very much and using it since really long

Guest · 6 years ago

UC Browser is my favorite browser, it is one of the lightest and fastest web browsers ever

Whatsappforpc · 6 years ago

awesome but i think chrome is the one should be on top !!

Sanumed · 6 years ago

Google Chrome is my best android browsers among all browsers.Because it gives me high speed and easy to use navigation..Anyway congrats sir for this article,Its superb !!!!!!!!

Appestry · 6 years ago

Split Browser? in Play Store lets you browse two web pages at the same time, watch videos, take notes... etc

Frank · 6 years ago

I found it very helpful as well, but it read like a ehow article or something. As someone that worked as an editor for a similar website, that's not how you want it to sound.

marketfresh · 6 years ago

Where's Dolphin-Mini? Great browser for those who are into bare-bones apps.

Swara Gokhale · 6 years ago

I have been going through several articles about mobile browsers and a common trend I have seen as that most of the articles have missed out on One Browser a Tencent Technologies product. There is no reason to take them lightly especially after their tie up with Evernote. The evernote integration is a cool feature for smart users. Also the other features like the night mode, URL auto complete etc. do not fail to impress.
And downloading it not an issue; its right there in google play store's top 10 communication apps. Certainly worth taking a look at. Also I'd love a detailed analysis if possible.

lauralwry@gmail · 6 years ago

I like the ONE browser, but the auto complete absolutely ruins it for me. I have never hated a feature of an app so much and what's worse is I can't find anything that even mentions a way to turn it off. I am assuming there is no way? and how do i search for a specific word on a webpage ? I can't find a thing that explains the ONE browser a little better. it would be wonderful without the auto complete .

Chris · 6 years ago

I like puffin browser. Its the fastest browser ive seen and I love that it has the option to use the mouse pad curser. It needs some work tho. Try it out

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