A web browser is one of the most basic and important apps any Android device has. For those who spend a lot of time surfing the web, a fast, safe and performant browsers can significantly improve the experience. However, finding the right one (other than Chrome) can be difficult, as there are so many options out there. Below we have put together a list of the newest, but also the most popular browsers for Android. Keep in mind that some of these don’t have an incorporated ad-blocker or VPN, so it’s only natural that you will have to install one yourself. If you are unsure what is the best free VPN to choose, you can check out this list created by Securethoughts.com.

Brave Browser

Brave Browser is relatively new, as it came out in 2016. Among its various features, it also has a built-in ad-blocker which can block scripts and third party cookies. It also has HTTPS everywhere, including in the per-site settings. We like the fact that you can keep track of the things it blocks, improve battery life, and optimize the speed. Other features include an incognito browsing mode, history, and bookmarks. Moreover, this app is highly functional, completely free and doesn’t have any ads or in-app purchases. 

Lightning Browser

Lightning Browser has made a comeback as one of the best browsers for Android. Besides a simple design and a lightweight feel, it comes with many features such as theming and ad-block. Moreover, it is compatible with Orbot as a Tor proxy, so it’s unlikely you can get more secure browsing. Although the free version is fair if you want ad-blocking and unlimited tabs you’ll have to go pro and pay for it. 

Aloha Browser

Aloha browser comes with a built-in VPN, ad-block, video downloads, configurable search engines, and private tabs. The downside is that videos are disabled on some sites such as YouTube, and although the app is free, there are sponsored ads. It also has a unique feature that allows users to watch VR videos or 2D videos in virtual reality. When you browse incognito, you can lock your downloads with a fingerprint scan or numerical code

Ecosia Browser

Ecosia is a very special browser, as it is environmentally friendly. How is that? Up to 80% of its profits go towards planting trees. It’s also free. Moreover, it feels and even looks a bit like Chrome, as it’s part of Chromium’s project. Some of its features include a private browsing mode, bookmarks, and downloads. If you’re a tree lover, this app is perfect for you!

Kiwi Browser

Kiwi is another recent browser that is surprisingly pleasant to use. Because it uses Chromium, you may feel some of the visuals and settings are familiar. Besides loading paged quite well, it also includes a night mode with 100% contrast for AMOLED screen, native ad-blocking, cryptojacking protection, and a pop-up blocker. One downside is that it doesn’t offer desktop syncing, but if you don’t need that it’s definitely a great option. 


Firefox got an upgrade called Quantum in 2018, aimed at improving speed, stability, and a new UI. Although it took some time to complete the upgrade, the results were white positive. Some of the features include great privacy controls, cross-platform bookmarks, add-ons, and tab syncing. As usual, it is completely free. 

Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus is the more recent brother of Firefox, and arguably better right now. Due to its focus on security aspects, every session takes place in private mode. Moreover, it includes a pretty good ad-block, one-tap history deletion and it manages to block most web trackers. If you like your browser remembering your sign-in info, Firefox Focus might not be the best choice for you. As a plus, it comes completely free and without in-app purchases. 

Surfy Browser

For a browser with a hipster name, Surfy does not let down. This surprisingly decent browser has basic features such as multiple search providers, bookmarks, history, and others. Moreover, it includes theming, ad-block and interesting toolbar customizations. One of the features that separate Surfy from the competition is its text-to-speech feature, meaning it reads website pages to you. 

Lynket Browser

The former Chromer got a makeover in early 2018 and is now known as Lynket. At the core it’s the same browser, allowing users to open links from any app in Chrome Custom Tabs. Furthermore, is includes Web Heads, making it quite a special Android browser for those who are frequent browsers and multi-taskers. 

Naked Browser

Although it looks rather simple (or naked), don’t let that aspect fool you; Naked browser gave up some of the usual features in favor of accessibility and speed, so the developers have no regrets. It does include the basics, such as history, shortcuts, and bookmarks. If you’re looking for something fast and reliable, this is the browser for you. 

Tor Browser 

As the name suggests, this is a powerful browser when it comes to privacy. The browser connects to Tor’s proxy to hide your activity from your ISP and all the rest. Moreover, it blocks trackers, includes multi-layered encryption and protects against surveillance. This browser is recommended only for those who take their privacy very seriously and understand how the app works. 

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