Along with the release of Samsung Galaxy S3 there will be some new accessories available that are destined to improve your overall Android experience. After you've read all the info about the SGS3 accessories please use the comments sections and let us know which Galaxy S3 accessory you would love to buy and why.

There are several products for the SGS3 that should improve the productivity of the phone's potential buyers and some of these are really neat and below you can find several descriptions that should give you an idea on how are other hardware manufacturers going to profit from the release of Samsung's new device.

There is a HDMI port, S Peblle, a Galaxy Noxe lookalike Flip cover and the much expected wireless charger. All these accessories are official and supported by Galaxy S3 and you should read the info listed below to learn how to use them and what are these offering to improve your experience with S3.

The S Pebble is a small gadget and it is in fact a small MP3 Player for Galaxy S3 which doesn't have to be connected all the time to the phone. You can easily carry the S Pebble and listen to your favorite music as it comes with a 4GB storage space and you can easily transfer music from your phone on it via USB cable.

Galaxy S3 S Pebble Accessory

Its battery can last up to 17 hours and it comes with support for OGG, WMA, MP3 and Flac audio formats. You can choose from two different colors: the Marble White and the Pebble Blur.

AllShare Cast Dongle is a small adapter that has support for wireless connection between your TV and your SGS3. It needs to be connected to your TV and then you can control it OTA using the WiFi display protocol. You can use it to stream content over the air right on your Galaxy S3.

SGS3 AllShare Cast Dongle

HDMI Adapter is exactly what it says to be, an adapter that allows you to connect your phone to the big screen TV using via HDMI cable. This is a standard requirement for most smartphone manufacturers.

Flip Cover is a cover for large phones and it was a great product when launched for Galaxy Note. It gives a nice and improved look for Galaxy S3 and you might use it to fool your friends into thinking that you're holding a book. It is available in two colors so that you can easily match it with your Galaxy S3 model's color.

SGS3 Flip Cover

The C Pen Stylus is an accessory that helps you better control and work your way around the 4.8" HD SuperAMOLED display. It comes to aid those who wish to increase their productivity and it also add a new feel to SGS3 usage. Also, it should a bit of style and give you a more professional approach.

Battery Wireless Charging Stand Kit is the best Galaxy S3 gadget and this is a must for every user that wishes to charge their phone without using a power cord. It should look something like a casing that is placed on the phone's back as an extra part and then you need to place it on a power charging table to charge the phone's battery.

SGS3 Battery Charging Stand

LED indicating CarCharging adapter and the Armband is an accessory designed for cars and equipped with a LED indicator that holds and displays info about charging levels. Also, it can be used with the Armband device or Water Resistant Neoprene Sports Gym Jogging Armband, which comes with a velcro strap and it can be applied on different arm sizes. The CarCharging adapter can be used as a normal charger and its LED indicator will tell you when the phone has reached the maximum battery level charge preventing it from overcharging the battery. It can be purchased from Amazon by clicking this link here.

The Docks are several adapters that you can use to rest your phone wherever you wish to, as these are available as Premium Audio docks, Desktop docks, Universal docks and the Car Dock. The latter one should come very handy as it can be used whenever you're in your car and you're using the Navigation maps or for when you're using the phone speaker.

Vent Mount Cradle Holder or Flexible Windshield Dash is a device that can be used as a stand to hold your phone whenever you wish to go hands free when using the SGS3. It is flexible and you easily adjust it to fit anywhere you wish in/ on your car using it as a  suction mount, removable air vent mount or a dash mount. It can be purchased from Amazon here.

Bicycle handlebar mount  does exactly what it says and it comes with a robust rotating cradle holder for Samsung Galaxy S3. This one is great for those users who wish to use sport tracking applications and with the rotating cradle you can arrange it in the best possible position and viewing angle. The adjusment of the bicycle handlebar mount can be done both, vertically and horizontally and it can be connected on any two wheel vehicles. It can be purchased from Amazon here.

The Galaxy S3 device should be ready for a late May release for Europe and Asia, while the United States release date hasn't been confirmed yet with mid-to-late June being the optimistic guess. Keep an eye on our website as we will announce the official Samsung Galaxy S3 release date when that will be made public by the electronics giant.

There are other accessories but it seemed only the above ones seemed to be the best ones, but, if you know of any other accessories that would worth being mentioned then please feel free to let us know by posting in the comments field.



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