Smartphone security is becoming more important all the time. From Android apps infected with malware, to the risks of man-in-the-middle attacks when using public wifi, threats seem to come from all directions.

But don't fear. Help is at hand for any worried Android owners, and it comes in the form of Virtual Private Networks. As we'll see, these tools provide essential privacy and security protection for smartphones, and it's essential to choose the right provider.

Now, you can head straight to our review of NordVPN to get acquainted with the best Android VPN around. However, it always helps to shop around, so we've put together a quick primer about how to choose the best Android VPN. So let's get started.

Why do Android users need a VPN?

Firstly, you're probably still wondering whether you actually need the protection offered by a Virtual Private Network. And that's a fair point. But when you think about it in-depth, the benefits become compelling. Just to name a few upsides of sourcing a high-quality VPN:

1. They let you surf the web using public wifi without worrying about routers being hijacked by cybercriminals, or malicious network users seeking to hijack your device. By encrypting your data and scrambling your IP, VPNs make you a much less appealing target on wifi networks.

2. Workaround geo-blockers when consuming content. Many streaming services like Netflix and Hulu use "geo-blockers" to divide the content they show to different regions. But by scrambling your IP address, you can easily render these filters worthless.

3. Work remotely without posing a security risk. Many people like to use their Android phones for work. That's great, but it can present huge risks for your employer. A VPN will mitigate those risks, letting you communicate with your work without worrying about outside interference.

4. General anonymity - These days, surveillance and tracking are an unfortunate fact of online life. But by anonymizing your IP address, you can effectively disappear, stopping companies like Google misusing your data, and presenting a massive headache for the surveillance state.

Our top 3 Android VPN providers

In our opinion, these factors make having a solid Virtual Private Network a no-brainer for Android owners. But which company should you choose?

This is an important decision. Low-quality providers often pack their clients with adware (or even malware), offer very weak encryption, and leak IP and DNS data uncontrollably. We need to avoid those providers, and the three options below do exactly that.

1. NordVPN

Panama-based NordVPN is our selection as the best VPN for Android users, so we'd recommend it as the place to start. If you don't like it, there's generous 30-day money back guarantee, essentially making NordVPN "try before you buy."

NordVPN scores well with its easy to use Android client. All you need to do is download the client and choose which nation you'd like to "base yourself" in. You'll then be instantly rerouted and anonymized using top-of-the-line 256-bit encryption and tunnelling protocols.

There are zero leaks with NordVPN, it works just as well in almost all countries, and it automatically fires up when your phone connects to a wifi network - the kind of feature which absent minded smartphone users really value.

Fast, secure, well-designed, and very affordable (especially if you take advantage of discounts), this is an example for all Android privacy tools to follow.

2. VyprVPN

Hot on NordVPN's heels comes VyprVPN, a Swiss provider which has created one of the finest Android clients around.

Speed is a major selling point of Vypr - which can be a big problem for Android users. This is especially important if you have an older device which sometimes struggles with online content. Vypr is extremely efficient, so it won't suck up resources that you desperately need.

Users can connect with a single tap, Vypr automatically picks the fastest possible server, and you can also set VPN protection for specific apps, which is great for keeping resource use down. And, as with NordVPN, protection kicks in if you connect to unknown networks.

And, if you were wondering, encryption is Chameleon based 256-bit AES - as good as Android owners could desire.

3. CyberGhost

Our final choice is the Romania-base VPN CyberGhost. This time around, you'll have a massive choice of servers, with over 3,000 locations worldwide. This makes CyberGhost a great option for travellers, and it's excellent when it comes to unblocking streaming services, too.

Again, there's a neat one-tap interface, so you'll never be tempted out of laziness to avoid loading your VPN. 256-bit AES encryption will keep your emails and web browsing safely locked away, and you'll get notifications from CyberGhost before connecting to unknown wifi networks. It all comes together in another slick, very reliable Android privacy tool.

Choose an elite VPN to protect your smartphone

The three providers listed above are in the top ranks of global VPNs, and we strongly recommend all of them for Android users. If you haven't protected your phone yet, they won't let you down. And we also recommend trying them as soon as possible.

With this technology at our disposal, we don't need to take risks. So find a VPN which delivers speed, security and value, and turn your smartphone into a fortress.

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