If you are looking into manually updating your Samsung Galaxy A5 or if you want to restore your phone back to stock Android OS, then booting download mode will be a must. So, since you might have hard times in trying to reach download mode I decided to show you how to easily complete this operation. All the details required will be detailed during the following guidelines thus don’t hesitate and learn everything about download mode and how to enter the same on your Samsung Galaxy A5.

The Download Mode environment is featured only on Samsung branded devices. On other handsets the download mode is dubbed as fastboot or bootloader more; but, at the end, we are talking about the same thing. Just like recovery mode, the download mode is a hidden environment that is featured by default on your Samsung Galaxy A5. This environment can be anytime entered with ease as the reboot sequence is also featured by default on your phone – thus you don’t have to use a complex or risky process in order to boot download mode on Galaxy A5.

Usually, download mode is used when users are about to apply updates through Odin – Odin is an official and dedicated program developed and offered by Samsung and used on update types of operations. Basically, a manual update operation can’t be completed without reaching download mode, which makes this tutorial a must.

Bottom line, you will have to learn how to enter download mode on your Galaxy A5 if you want to use Odin for applying a new Android update, if you want to downgrade your device to stock Android OS or if you want to apply the same update operation for fixing software related issues. Of course, this process can also be used if you want to revoke root access or if you want to remove a custom ROM firmware.

It is important to know that booting into download mode can be achieved easily whether if your Galaxy A5 is rooted, locked, installed with a custom ROM, flashed with stock Android OS or if your phone is installed with a custom recovery image or with the stock recovery software. Thus, this is a general tutorial that will work any time – it is also an official process which means that you won’t lose your phone’s warranty by completing the steps from below.

Be careful as while using Odin for downgrading to stock Android OS, your data might get corrupted or even wiped out. So, before reaching download mode and before updating your Galaxy A5, make a backup. While doing so you can choose to save everything from your phone including contacts, call logs, text messages, audio files, images, videos, internet settings, EFS folder, market apps and anything else you might need afterwards – the backup process can be safely applied if you use cloud storage software or other dedicated tools from Google Play.

Well, that’s quite everything that’s related to the download mode term. You can now safely follow the guidelines from below for checking the methods that can be used when trying to boot download mode.

How to Boot Download Mode on Samsung Galaxy A5

Boot Download Mode using hardware buttons

  • The first method that can be applied is the hardware one.
  • So, first of all, turn off your phone: press power key and choose “reboot system” or keep pressing power button for a few seconds.
  • When done, press power, volume down and home buttons at the same time, for a few seconds – until the Android logo is being displayed on your Samsung Galaxy A5.
  • You can then connect your smartphone with your computer for resuming the update operation.

Download a dedicated tool from Google Play

You can also reach download mode by using the Quick Boot app from Google Play. Therefore, access the market and download the mentioned app on your Galaxy A5. Install the software and run it on your device. Follow on screen prompts and wait while your device is entered automatically in download mode.

Execute ADB commands

Now, for this method you need to use a computer, on which you must ensure Android SDK: so, install Android SDK on Windows or set up ADB on Mac OS X / Linux. Then, on your computer access the folder where Android SDK is installed and open a command prompt window: press and hold Shift keyboard key and right click on any blank space. On your phone enable USB debugging option – go to “menu – settings – developer options” (previously you need to gain developer rights: go to “menu – settings – about phone” and tap several times on built number). Good; now connect your smartphone with your computer and in the cmd window type “adb reboot download”.

Good job; you just learned how to enter download mode on your Samsung Galaxy A5. Try the method that you prefer the most and let us know how things worked for you by sharing your thoughts with us and with other users that might be interested in completing this step by step guide.

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