The Google Nexus 5X smartphones are one of the most popular Android devices currently on the market. If you are looking to modify its operating system, flash an update, wipe data or factory reset the device completely, then you will need to know how to boot it in Recovery Mode.

The Recovery Mode can be Stock or Custom. The Stock Recovery Mode is packed on Nexus 5X devices running 100% stock Android firmware, while the Custom ones are those that you can use to flash new custom ROMs such as CyanogenMod. The most popular custom Recoveries are the CWM and TWRP ones, while all the other Custom Recovery versions are variations of these two major builds.

The Nexus 5X Recovery Modes can be booted the same way for both Stock and Custom Recovery images. Note that you can boot these devices in Recovery using various apps, too, in case you are unable to enter Recovery Mode manually.

Below you can find instructions on how to boot manually as well as using various applications. But, for applications that you want to use in order to boot Recovery Mode you will have to run a rooted firmware on your device.

If your Nexus 5X runs on a stock firmware that hasn't been rooted, then you can boot in Recovery Mode only using the manual method.

How to boot Google Nexus 5X in Recovery Mode:

Both Stock and Custom Recovery versions are booted in the same way.

  • power off your smartphone.
  • press Volume Down, hold it, then press and hold Power button.
    - do not release the buttons until the Fastboot Mode appears on your device.
  • use the volume buttons to highlight the "Recovery Mode" option.
  • press Power button to confirm Recovery Mode boot.
  • now you will see an Android logo tipped over and a red exclamation mark hovering over it
  • you need to hold Power and then press and release Volume Up once.
  • after you release Volume Up your Nexus 5X phone should show the Recovery Mode options.

After the phone boots in Recovery Mode successfully you can apply the changes you need, as you can 'factory reset' the device completely, factory reset its system, wipe cache, install new flashable zip files, and others more.

If you are running a custom Recovery on your Nexus 5X, then you can use a small application from Google's Play Store. Here are some examples of apps capable of booting Recovery Mode straight from the Nexus 5X's homescreen: QuickBoot, ROM Manager, TWRP Manager, Flashify, and others.

Note that all these apps are working only with Nexus 5X devices running rooted firmware.

The Nexus 5X device is one of the most popular smartphones currently on the market, and that's due to the fact that the Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS is coming installed as default. Also, the Nexus 5X devices along with the Nexus 6P models are going to receive all the future Android OS major upgrades and version number changes first before all the other devices.

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