Are you trying to reboot your OnePlus 6T into fastboot mode but you cannot manage to do it right? Well, don’t panic as there are different ways in which this mode can be reached on your smartphone and we will detail each of it during the following guidelines. Also, if you used to own the OnePlus 6 and if you still remember how to access fastboot mode, try the old methods as it should all work on the new 6T model. Anyway, do review the lines from this tutorial as we will quickly explain everything that needs to be known about the fastboot environment and about the methods that can bring this Android mode on your device.

The Fastboot mode is similar with the recovery one as both are putting your phone into a special state during which the Android core system can be accessed and further modified. However, the operations that can be applied from these two mods are different as each environment will communicate with a different part of the Android system. Anyhow, one first aspect must be cleared up – you cannot go into fastboot mode by using your OnePlus 6T general settings because this mode cannot run at the same time as the Android mode; and that’s why a reboot sequence must be initiated instead.

In fastboot mode you can obtain important info about your OnePlus 6T, whether we want hardware or software related data. Also, in fastboot mode your device can be discovered and recognized by third-party or official programs when tweaks and customizations are involved. And, the most important aspect, this mode will be required if you will need to manually reinstall the stock Android firmware eon your handset.

Therefore, you have to learn how to reboot your OnePlus 6T into fastboot mode. This environment can help you tweak your device by performing custom operations like: unlock the bootloader, set up a custom recovery image, gain root access and so on. Additionally, the same environment can help you revoke the recent applied tweaks and restore your phone back to its default state – this aspect can be used as dedicated troubleshooting solutions that can fix different Android software related problems including boot loops, lags, hangs, screen freeze, battery drain, heating problems, signal strength issues, total blackouts and more.

Going into fastboot mode can be done without hassle and without risking anything – putting your OnePlus 6T in this mode is an official operation supported by your OEM so you won’t have to use complex or risky programs and apps during the steps explained below. Also, you don’t have to worry about losing your phone’s warranty. And, additionally, the methods from this guide will work on both stock and custom ROMs, on locked and rooted systems, on locked and unlocked bootloaders and so on.

If you plan to use this environment for tweaking your device or for modifying the built-in Android system, make a backup first. A backup will help you secure everything that’s important for you – contacts, call logs, texts, images, videos, audio files, market apps, internet settings, calendar info, saved passwords, EFS folder, IMEI / NVRAM data and so on. Such data can get corrupted or erased during certain customizations and that’s why you should first use your favorite backup and restore solutions: an external storage device; the built-in OnePlus cloud storage services; the ability to sync files with your Google Account; the dedicated and already tested apps available on Google Play.

Charge your OnePlus 6T before starting to follow the methods from below for reaching fastboot mode. When the power is low your device might get turned off right while you try to apply certain procedures and sudden shut downs might cause severe malfunctions within the Android core system. So, try to avoid such unpleasant situations by verifying the power that’s left first - if it’s lower than 50% plug in the charger before doing anything else.

How to Boot the OnePlus 6T into Fastboot Mode

Method 1 – use the hardware buttons on your phone

  1. Power off your handset as otherwise this method cannot be followed and applied.
  2. Next, log-press and hold the Volume Up and Power buttons.
  3. Keep pressing these buttons until the fastboot mode shows up.
  4. For going back to Android mode just reboot your OnePlus 6T and that’s it.

Method 2 – use Android SDK and execute a dedicated adb command

A computer is needed in this case. There, install the OnePlus 6T drivers and afterwards set up Android SDK: learn how to install Android SDK on Windows by using our tutorial from here, or learn how to set up ADB on MAC OS X / Linux by using our guide from here. On your phone you must enable the USB Debugging feature – this field is located under Developer Options, which can be enabled in the first place by tapping repeatedly on Built Number. Finally, follow:

  1. On your computer navigate towards the Android SDK folder.
  2. Power on your phone and connect it with your computer.
  3. From Android SDK open a command prompt window: press and hold the Shift keyboard key and while holding down that key right-click on any blank space; then, select ‘open command prompt window here’.
  4. In this cmd window type ‘adb reboot fastboot’ and press Enter.
  5. That should be all.

Method 3 – use an intuitive app available on Google Play

If your smartphone is rooted you can use an intuitive third party app from Google Play which can help you quickly switch between different mods on your OnePlus 6T. For example, you can use the Quick Boot tool – download and install the app on your phone; run it in the end and follow on-screen prompts for reaching the desired mode.

Final thoughts

So, there you have it; follow one of the methods explained above, or test them all, and access fastboot mode on your OnePlus 6T. In the end, remember to share your experience with us and let other users know if this tutorial was helpful or not – you can quickly get in touch with us by using the comments field from below. For similar other basic Android operations check out our ‘how to’ section or just stay close to us – we will keep you updated with everything that’s new for your OnePlus 6T including with the best tweaking and customization opportunities. Enjoy.

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