Android is an open source system which can be easily optimized and customized. I mean, you can spice things up in various ways as you can choose to keep it all official, or you can get wild by performing different custom operations. Anyway, whether you choose to tweak your Android device or only to play with its in built settings, it is always important to know how to clear App data and cache. Why? Well, the Android system might get extra loaded with unnecessarily data, thus it might get slowed down – also lags and bugs might be issued due to same reasons. Of course, by clearing app data and cache you can speed up your Android device once more.

Therefore, as you could notice, learning how to complete this process is quite important especially if we consider that this operation is a default one. Yes, that’s right, clearing app data and cache is featured by default on your Android smartphone / tablet and represent an option that can be easily accessed even by a newbie. Of course, there are also dedicated apps that can smartly clear the Android system, but that’s another thing to talk about. For now, we will stay close to this official and safe procedure which can be applied on any Android based smartphone or tablet.

Thus, root access isn’t required as you don’t have to use a complex tool. Clearing app data and cache can be done from the internal settings of your Android handset, so you don’t have to access Google Play for downloading a complex and risky tool. Therefore, the warranty of your device will not get voided. Of course, this tutorial will also work on rooted devices, or on handsets that runs on custom ROMs, custom recovery images and on other third party software. However, the best is that this clearing process is a universal one, which isn’t requiring special situations like an unlocked bootloader or a rooted system.

So, bottom line, clearing app data and cache ensures a stable and smooth Android system, this being the first method to apply when trying to speed up your Android device. Along with this official procedure you can choose to perform other dedicated operations which will imply in tweaking the Android system – I am referring to procedures like updating with custom ROMs, installing custom kernels, overclocking the CPU, removing bloatware and so on.

Now, before proceeding, make a backup and save all of your data, info and accounts. Do that, as you don’t want to end up in losing something. Thus, use backup and restore apps from Google Play, a computer, a cloud storage platform and any other dedicated app and save everything that you might need afterwards – contacts, call logs, EFS folder, market apps, internet settings, IMEI / NVRAM data, images, videos, audio files, the current ROM and anything else you want. Do note that the backup is only optional as it is unlikely to lose something while clearing app data and cache.

Good; well, let’s see how you can complete this dedicated Android operation from your own smartphone / tablet.

How to Clear App Data and Cache on Any Android Device without Root

  1. From your Android device access Settings – slide down the notification panel or launch the App Drawer.
  2. You need to scroll down until you reach the Applications sub menu.
  3. Tap on the same; a large list of apps will be then displayed on your device – in fact those will be all the apps that are currently installed on your handset.
  4. Inspect these apps and choose the ones you think that are slowing down your Android device.
  5. Tap on each app you want and check the options that will be instantly displayed. Among that options you will also find the Clear data and Clear cache settings.
  6. So, choose both options and initiate them.

That’s how you can clear app data and cache for almost all the installed apps from your Android device. A similar solution that can be applied will imply in using the recovery mode menu that is also featured by default on your Android device. Shortly, you should access recovery mode and from there you should choose the “wipe cache partition” option. Moreover, optional, if you really want to speed things up, you can also choose the “wipe data factory reset option” – however, do note that this process will initiate a hard reset and you will lose everything from your phone’s internal storage memory, so a backup is more than recommended.

So, there you have it; now you know how to clear app data and cache without root, on any Android based smartphone or tablet. Do complete this operation and see if your device is running faster in the end. Of course, return here and share your results and thoughts with us and with other readers that might need or use your feedback.

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