The CyanogenMod team, some of the most popular Android hackers, has just released CM 10.2 Nightlies, which is based on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. They've been really fast, as usual, considering that Google released the 4.3 a short while ago.

CM 10.2 is already available to download on their website, but please note that nightlies means that it's in a very early phase and it may have a lot of bugs and missing features. CyanogenMod is known as the most stable Android ROM, but that's available for the stable versions, while the nightlies versions shouldn't be used on a device you use day by day.

The CM 10.1 update is available for a lot of devices, but we'll only list some of them here. In order to check if your device is supported, you can check their website.

Supported devices: Samsung Galaxy Tab, Sony Xperia Z, Verizon Galaxy Nexus, Google Nexus 4, Google Nexus 7, Google Nexus 10, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ( T-Mobile, AT&T ), Galaxy Note, Kindle Fire ( both 1st and 2nd gen ), LG Optimus L9, Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4.

If you aren't sure about this update, we recommend you to use a stable CM 10.1 instead, because it's much more stable and can be used as a daily driver. Though for those who want to give it a try, we'll start flashing on our smartphone and make guides for you. You just to be patient, because there are a lot of smartphones and it takes time.

We expect to see a monthly, more stable release, of the CM 10.2 in about a month. That should be a much better and stable version, and you should wait until then.

CyanogenMod has improved the lives of a lot of smartphone owners that have been forgotten by the phone maker. There are a lot of phones that stop receiving official updates too early, so people rely on CyanogenMod to enjoy Google's new Android versions. Fragmentation is still an issue for Android and, while phone makers seem to be making improvements, updates are still slow and only a small percentage of the Android smartphone owners have the last version. At the moment, Android is at version 4.3 and only 6.5% of users are using the previous version, Android 4.2.

Please let us know how does CM 10.2 work on your device. Don't forget to specify the device too.

Greg · 5 years ago

I'm running CM 10.2 nightly builds on my LG Optimus G (e970) and it's been great. I've been flashing the new builds daily. So far no major issues. I actually do use these builds on my daily phone, so they are getting "real world" testing. Only bugs I've experienced are: 1) the keyboard will be drawn above the lockscreen if the phone locks while composing a text message (or anything using a keyboard) which makes unlocking the phone tricky (but the stock LG ROM had the same bug too); 2) seems like the in-call speaker volume is calibrated wrong because sometimes the volume is too low even when turned to max (I can hear fine when there's not much background noise, but in crowded places it can get difficult; the LG stock ROM definitely was louder) - oddly enough though, the other volumes on CM (music, alarm, notifications, system, etc.) can get super-loud, louder than stock LG.

Ryan Millar · 5 years ago

Worked on my nook HD

Harry Hurley · 5 years ago

Running wonderfully on my verizon gs3. Not supported on my galaxy tab 10.1 :(

amasiam · 5 years ago

As of last night CM 10.2 JB 4.3 is on my SII i9100G. Same problem as Nicky Nicky (see below), with Focal crashing or freezing. All other apps I have tried are working.

JCJr · 5 years ago

Using in my Galaxy Note N7000, ok until now. Only noticed that slide(swype) function of android aosp keyboard not working for me.

smarak · 5 years ago

I am using CM 10.1.2 stable version on my Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100G and it work wonders. Samsung has still not released the jelly bean update for the international version.The only safe way was to use was the CM mod. I am more than satisfied.

Ocean Gix · 5 years ago

Nightly 10.2-20130816: Running on Samsung Galaxy S3 (D2ATT) and works fine, but 'play music'(Google's music player) has a pitch sound about 3 times every minute, and the notification keeps going off while playing music too. Re-wiping and installing though, to be sure.

Edit: Same thing occurs after re-wiping and installing, though I have found that it is the DPS Manager. When it is off, the music is fine. Although, this second time around, the music player (Google's) freezes the device, though the sound is fine... as in, can't change the volume, can't go home, or hit the power button, though obviously, if the power button is held it turns off.

Nicky Nicky · 5 years ago

The only app not working on my
gt-i9100 is Focal, their own new camera, part of Nemesis project.It blocks on video, panorama & photosphere mode.I have frozen that app and I'm not having any other problems. certainly there will be updates that will solve this problem. I stick with cyanogen team forever!

black_mordon · 5 years ago

Can you make cm 10.2 for ace plus ?? Plizz :'(

LifeWulf · 5 years ago

The developers are only going to make official versions for popular devices. You and I (Galaxy Ace II x) are just going to have to either make our own unofficial branch, or deal with what we've got.
At least you have custom ROMs to choose from, all the way up to CM 10.1. I am stuck with stock ROM because there are so few people that own this phone, and no one wants to develop for an unpopular device.

Kennon · 5 years ago

Works fine on my AT&T note2...the last line of the article reads: "Please let us know how does CM 10.1 work on your device." I thought we were discussing 10.2? ;-)

Alex Dumitru · 5 years ago

Oops. Sorry for that, it's fixed now.

Departet · 5 years ago

Running great on my SGS3

Josh · 5 years ago

Bricked my gs3 i535, beware.

Harry Hurley · 5 years ago

Worked flawlessly on mine.

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