While HTC is still trying to provide on-time Android 5.0 Lollipop updates for its devices, third party developers already succeeded in bringing the new Android 5.1 built in front of us. Thus, if you own the HTC Desire 816, you should know that an unofficial version of CyanogenMod has been made available for your phone.

This new CM release brings the latest Android 5.1 Lollipop firmware to us, therefore if you are an experienced Android user, you can anytime choose to download the custom ROM for experiencing and testing the latest features, apps and capabilities on your own HTC Desire 816. CM 12.1, as this is the custom ROM that I am talking about, is still in development stage, so do expect some errors and software related issues included on the main platform – however, those of xda-developers are trying to fix all these issues, while currently, the CM 12.1 system is stable enough for a daily use.

According to other users who have tested the Android 5.1 firmware on their own HTC Desire 816, CM12.1 is running quite smooth as there have been reported only minor bugs, lags and other problems. Basically, you can use the CM platform on a daily basis. Anyway, if you choose to flash the custom ROM, first you should save the current ROM that is installed on your device; in this way, if you will find the CM 12.1 OS not geed enough, you will be able to easily downgrade back to stock.

Well, that was all for now; so what do you say, are you interested in updating your HTC Desire 816 to Android 5.1 Lollipop OS through CM 12.1 custom ROM, or you rather stick to stock Android software? Do share your thoughts with us during the comments field from below. If you need help on the update operation, don’t hesitate and use our dedicated step by step guide from here.

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