Amazon Wireless has a new offer for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2. As of today you can get the Galaxy S3 for just one cent, which is next to free, while the Galaxy Note 2 is priced at $149 on AT&T and $69.99 on Sprint.

This offer comes right one day before the Galaxy S4 release date and we believe they want to lower their Galaxy S3 and Note 2 stocks and prepare to sell Samsung's new flagship smartphone. Usually the Galaxy S3 is priced at $99 or $149 while the Galaxy Note 2 costs $199.

Fortunately Amazon comes with this kind of offers pretty often, so you can take advantage and order them with a lower price. We are doing our best to let you know about all the offers around in order to grab a good smartphone deal.

Amazon also offers free two-day shipping for the smartphones, so it's a pretty good deal. Head over to the links below to order them:

Click the following links to order Galaxy S3 on Verizon, AT&T or Sprint for just 1 cent.

Click the following links to order Galaxy Note 2 on AT&T and Sprint for 1 cent.

Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 are two of the most sold smartphones in the world, both surpassing the 10 million mark already. Unfortunately the Galaxy Note 2 deal is not available for Verizon, the number one US carrier, but you can get the Galaxy S3 instead.

Both the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 come with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, 4G LTE and the offers are available with a 2-year contract. Before ordering a phone with a contract, make sure to read all the terms and make sure that the minutes, texts and data are enough for you. You wouldn't want to be stuck for 2 years with a contract that doesn't fulfill your needs.

Will you go for the 1 cent offer for the Galaxy S3 or wait for the Galaxy S4, which is going to be announced in just a few hours ?

abdul · 6 years ago

Realy fantastic offer.people all around globe are looking to get free smartphones.have you seen this website,it is offering a great opportunity for peoples who want to get their first I phone.get your free I phone

karthiga · 6 years ago

I hope surely i will win this time

karthiga · 6 years ago

I'm looking forward to
taking a closer look at the Galaxy S3 over the next week, where I'll run my
suite of benchmarks, examine in-game performance, try out more of these Samsung
apps and have a go with the camera, amongst many other things.Samsung is going
strength in numbers. They're only putting certain mid-range, entry level phones
out in certain markets. People love and know the S3/Galaxy design and want a
Samsung phone, but the S3/Note II/S4 might be out of their price range,
especially in these emerging markets. They offer cheap handsets that run
Android and Touchwiz, looks just like a Galaxy S III only different dimensions,
and people will buy them. It's not about doing a phone 'right'. It's about
selling lots of phones. It's a good strategy. They're not putting every single
phone out that they make in every single region. That'd be way too risky. And
like I said, you don't see Apple making lower cost iOS phones. This is a market
smaller Chinese manufacturers target all the time, and Samsung using their
brand and design aesthetics for entry level and mid range devices could be
moves that are working out brilliantly for them. The people who buy these
phones most likely are not interested in what CPU they're running or the screen
resolution. They just want a Samsung Galaxy that they can afford.
Dimension 136.6 x 70.6
x 8.6 mm


4.8 inch HD Super


Android 4.0 (Ice Cream


16/ 32GB User memory


2,100 mAh

Good connectivity and
sensors along with 8mega pixel camera clarity i dont want to miss such a

please give me this
prize and make samsung regular user happy:-)I hope i will get this prize

I am using a samsung
galaxy s duos? which is processor ace2-1 ghz,i like using samsung,i like samung
s4 very much since processer s4- 1.9ghz and also a memory of 16 gb,helps me to
store vital information,i need a phone desperately as this,i kindly ask u to
give me this prize of atleast samsung s3 and make samsung user happy:-)

G baby · 6 years ago

It's not one cent. It's 19.99 with 2 year agreement at Verizon.

Troy · 6 years ago

$99.00 to upgrade with Verizon. Not .01 but still cheaper than going through Verizon

Michelle Jean · 6 years ago

In verizon and sprint it's still $0.01!

gotskott · 6 years ago

It says $49.99 for new contract, $99.99 for upgrade for the S3 on AT&T. Did the 1 penny offer go that fast?

Alex Dumitru · 6 years ago

Unfortunately I believe it did. I was hoping it will take longer than that.

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