APN Backup & Restore is a small and user-friendly Android application that you can use to save the APN settings. This article contains the download link and instructions on how to successfully use the app right on your Android device.

This app works with Gingerbread, Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich Android devices. It is a webtool that allows you to export the carrier APN settings and after you change the ROM then you will be able to use APN backup & restore to re-insert the correct APN settings. However, there are devices that will keep the correct values for internet APN settings and you won't be forced to use any 3rd party app to save them.

For Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich you will have to install it as a system application. After you download the app you will need to place it in this location on your device's sdcard: /sdcard/ApnBackupRestore. If it saves the files on any other location then the APN settings cannot be retrieved. You will need to backup and the app will save the APN carrier settings as XML file.

Also, if you wish to be sure that you backup the correct APN values then you can click 'backup APNs', save the settings, and then press the menu button and select 'send by email'. Now choose your email account and send the APN save to your inbox.

After you complete the new custom ROM installation you will need to click 'Restore APNs' and select the latest save. Alternatively, you can open your email and if you've sent the APN save to your inbox then you can easily download the file and then place it on your device's internal sdcard. Open App Backup & Restore and load the correct APN settings.

The application is free to download and it is extremely recommended to use it so that you will be able to restore the correct APN settings and make sure sure that after the custom ROM installation you will be able to search the internet.

Download APN Backup & Restore for Android APK from HERE or if you prefer, here's the app's Google Play Store web page.

Download the APK on your device and after that install it. Confirm the installation and then you're free to use it and save the APN carrier settings for your own Android smartphone.

NOTE: Not all devices require you to save these internet settings, but when you're performing 'data wipe and factory reset' actions you are risking the loss of all important values and settings that will prevent your phone from browsing the internet. If you any other questions about this app you should use the comments section.

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