AppBak is an Android tool that can be used to backup applications that you've downloaded from Google Play Store. In this post you will find info on how to use AppBak to backup and restore all the apps that you have installed on your device.

AppBak is very easy to use and your apps are saved as text files which can be restored directly from the Google Play Store with a single click per app. There are two buttons, backup apps and restore apps, that you need to click once for backup and then you have to rename the file for future easier access.

This app is great for those that are usually installing custom ROM that require data wipe / factory reset option to be applied. It comes very handy whenever you find a new ROM that you think it would improve the overall performances of your device, but you decide not to install it because afterwards you will be forced to re-install all applications as the installation of a new custom ROM will remove all of them.

AppBak app is user friendly, it creates a text file backup of all apps, you can use it to backup the apps from the text save by simply clicking one app and then you will be redirected to Play Store where you can download the latest version of all installed Android apps.

Download AppBak application from Google Play Store here.

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