The Cubot devices are being sold all over the world and these are some of the best low-end budget Android devices that you could wish for. In this post you will find links to the original Android Cubot ROMs download links and you can use these files to restore your Cubot device to its stock operating system.

Installing a ROM for these shouldn't be that hard, but you can still use the instructions that we've listed below. Make sure that before you start installing any new Android Stock ROM for your device, then you will make sure that there is enough battery power left before the device switches off completely.

Most Cubot devices listed in this post can be updated using the Smart Phone Flash Tool application, which is a complex method and you should carefully follow all the info we've listed under the tutorial guide. However, there are several devices marked with an asterisk (*) that can be updated using a much more simple method: download the firmware file from the links provided below and then flash the Stock ROM using the Recovery mode.

Here's how to install the stock Android ROM for your Cubot device:

Note that this guide is for advanced users and we cannot be blamed in case we lose any data nor in case you end up bricking your phone's firmware.

  • Download the Android ADB USB Drivers for your PC from here.
  • Install the drivers on your computer.
  • Switch off the Cubot device and then remove its battery.
    - do not re-insert the battery, that can be done only after the install process is complete.
  • Download the Stock Android ROM from the links provided in the Devices Table listed at the end of this post.
  • Extract the contents of the Cubot Android Stock ROM and save them on your computer.
  • Next, Download and extract the Smart Phone Flash Tool on your PC from here.
  • Find and Launch the 'Flash-Tool.exe' on your computer.
  • After the SP Flash Tool window shows up you need to click on the 'Scatter-Loading' button.
  • Look for the Scatter File in the Stock Android ROM extracted folder. Load the file in SP Flash Tool.
  • Click the 'Download' Button now, it will begin the flashing process of this new ROM.
  • Connect your device to your PC with the USB Cable. Make sure that the phone's battery is removed.
  • While the phone is connected to your device you should press Volume Up or Volume Down in order to help your computer recognize the Cubot device faster.
  • After the installation is complete you should see the confirmation message shown by the SP Flash Tool program.

Close the Flash Tool app and then disconnect the device from computer.

Boot your phone in normal mode and then start testing the newly installed ROM.

Cubot A5689 Android 4.1.2 Download 384 MB
Cubot Bobby* Android 4.2.2 Download 227 MB
Cubot C6 MT6572 Android 4.2.2 Download 367 MB
Cubot C9+* Android 4.2.2 Download 175 MB
Cubot C9W Android 4.2.2 Download 200 MB
Cubot C10+ Android 4.2.2 Download 263 MB
Cubot GT89 Android 4.2.1 Download 280 MB
Cubot GT90* Android 4.2.2 Download 238 MB
Cubot GT99 Android 4.2.1 Download 433 MB
Cubot M6589 Android 4.2.1 Download 405 MB
Cubot One Android 4.2.1 Download 301 MB
Cubot One Turbo Android 4.2.1 Download 321 MB
Cubot P5 Android 4.2.2 Download 325 MB
Cubot P6 Android 4.2.2 Download 301 MB
Cubot P9 Android 4.2.2 Download 474 MB
Cubot S108 Android 4.4.2 Download 372 MB
Cubot S208 Android 4.2.2 Download 438 MB
Cubot S222 Android 4.4.2 Download 422 MB
Cubot S308 Android 4.4.2 Download 425 MB
Cubot T9 Android 4.2.1 Download 394 MB
Cubot X6 Android 4.2.2 Download 386 MB

shahajad ahmad · 3 years ago

cubot gt95 rom not is their

AndrTech · 3 years ago

Anyone know the name of the new Android OS, Android N? What does the "N" stand for? It is said that Bluboo Maya will have the plan to install this OS in the future.

Lara · 3 years ago

cubot s200?

norrat37 · 4 years ago

have cubot p9 it wont let me use car blutooth to dial out from car is there a remedy

Aspi Irani · 3 years ago

I have the same problem with Cubot P9. Did you find a solution? If so please let me know. Please email me on
Many thanks

Roman Lamák · 4 years ago

Hello, I tryed all firmware versions - V06, V07, V11, V12 and android 4.4.2. V05. On all of them I have problem with touch. Somebody know if exist another firmware versions?

Ng · 4 years ago

Please, share if anything newer/better for Cubot M6589

?ukáš Barto? · 4 years ago

Is Rom for Cubot S308 working? Please tell me

Dwarph · 4 years ago

Anyway to install lollipop on the cubot one?

13skyper · 4 years ago

hi i´m looking for Android 4.4.4 für Cubot Bobby

Begoña Ibañez · 4 years ago

Hi!, I'm looking for android 4.4.2 rom for cubot s208, someone know something about this? Thank you!

Mlchael Smith · 4 years ago

Yes go to Needrom.They have all the roms for cubot s208 ,including 4.4.2 kk

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