Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge were the main protagonists at MWC 2015. Both devices managed to impress us all with the new design, which is a really and important upgrade compared with what we were used to describe when considering the Galaxy lineup. However, the looks are not everything, especially when talking about high end Android powered devices. Thus, if you want to learn more about the Galaxy S6, you should also consider in checking what’s new under the hood.

Well, we all know the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge specs and features list, so we will not talk about these aspects anymore. Also we do know that Samsung will start to release its new Android flagships starting from April 10, so you will actually be able to test the new Lollipop based smartphones only from early Q2 2015. However, thanks to a guy who posted some leaked Galaxy S6 wallpapers through the XDA forum section, now we can check the first images that will come pre installed on the mentioned device.

As you know, when Samsung is releasing a new high end device, it also adds new and great Android wallpapers. These images are therefore featured by default only on certain models, which means that you cannot get them on your own smartphone or tablet. Well, now thanks to the leaked Galaxy S6 wallpapers you can easily download stock SGS6 wallpapers on your own Android featured handset.

Unfortunately, up until now we only have three wallpapers available for you. But, that should be more than enough especially if you want to make a first impression on what you will find on the S6 and S6 Edge. The images are also providing important info related to the screen size and to the screen quality of the smartphones. So, you have all the reasons to satisfy your curiosity. Therefore, don’t hesitate and download now all three leaked Galaxy S6 wallpapers.

You can download the images from here – all the wallpapers have the common resolution of 2240 x 2240 pixels.

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