Google Play Store APK 4.9.13 is now available for download and installation. It is the first build that features the latest Material Design UI from the future Android L (5.0) operating system that Google will release this autumn.

Check the links in this post and use your phone to grab them now as Google will surely take its time before it releases the update for all regions.

The new update is a major one and with the new Play Store 4.9.13 you will be one of the first users that will get a glance of the future Android L 5.0 design. Besides all the changes you will also get a much more stable Google Play Store app and several new features that will allow to learn fast about new apps and what's currently trending.

Downloading an APK for Android devices is simple as you only need to grab it from the links listed at the end of this post, save it on your device and then confirm installation. Note that this new update of Google Play Store with Material Design UI can be installed only for the Android 2.2 and later versions.

The only thing that hasn't been touched is the Navigation sliding menu. All the other parts of the app are now enhanced and you should really give the Google Play Store 4.9.13 a try. The roll out takes place in stages and it should hit all smartphones across the world by the end of the month if the first tests are proved to be successful.

Download the Google Play Store 4.9.13 APK from here or here.

Download the file on your smartphone, confirm the download process, save the file on your device and then launch it. Confirm the installation and wait until the device completes the process. Launch the app and tell us in comments your first thoughts on all the new changes.

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