The new Motorola Moto E has been officially release in the US and in other various markets around the world. The 2015 model of the Moto E is one of the best Android Lollipop featured devices of the year, not because its specs or features but because its affordable price that is smartly correlate with more than decent performances.

Thus, if you are on a budget you can now buy a really great Android device that comes with Lollipop firmware pre installed and with other hardware performances that can compete with more expensive devices. Anyway, if you can’t still decide whether to buy the new Moto E or not, I have something that might help you out: the stock Moto E 2015 wallpapers.

Checking the stock wallpapers might be exactly what you need; you can now check for yourself what’s the quality of pre-installed images in order to make a proper idea about the quality of the display. You can notice the color density, you can check the pixel resolution and you can easily imagine how these wallpapers fit a 4.5 display.

On the other hand you can download these stock wallpapers on your smartphone or tablet for being able to customize and personalize the Android UI – the images can be found only on the new Moto E, so you will have something quite unique on your handset.

Anyhow, there are nine 1080 x 960 px resolution images available that can be downloaded for free from this page. All you have to do is to save the images on your Android device, or on your computer, and to set them as your own wallpaper (if that’s what you want). In that matter you can also use our previous guides for downloading Galaxy S6, Xperia Z4 Tablet or HTC One M9 wallpapers.

Also stay close as we will update you with more wallpapers as soon as something new is being leaked.

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