Odin is the most used and probably best software to change your smartphone ROM or firmware, root it and it helps you do pretty much everything you want with your phone. Odin 1.85 is really simple to use, but you need to be very careful when changing settings, because if you tick a wrong checkbox you can damage or even brick your device. If you don't know how to use Odin, then you need to read a guide and fortunately there are guides for virtually every smartphone on the market.

There are a few pieces of software that allow you to flash ROMs on your device, but Odin is the most used one and most rooting / updating guides teach you how to do it using Odin, so it's recommended to download it.

Please note that you only need Odin if you want to root your device or update it to a custom ROM. If you only want to update it to an official firmware, then you have to use the phone maker's own software and  there are lower risks.

Updating your device is really recommended because updates come with a lot of improvements, bug fixes and more features. It's up to you if you prefer to use a custom, unofficial ROM or an official one. you can find guides to update your device here.

Rooting your device offers you a lot of advantages, but not everyone needs it. With a rooted device you have more control over it, you can install more apps that otherwise wouldn't work and can customize your phone better. Some of the changes that can be done to a rooted device include custom themes, recovery images, custom bootloaders, toolbox, boot images and more. Also you can do a full backup of your device if it is rooted. You can find guides to root your device here.

Download Odin 1.85 here.

ramakrishna · 2 years ago

sir my phone is yesterday automatic apps installed and stuck that apps are not installed so i have choose the option rooted my mobile unfortunatel all system apps are gone so system restart the samsung logo repeated please give the solution

GTO JOE · 3 years ago

This thread made me dumber....

Keith Morgavi · 3 years ago

Well, downloaded Odin 1.85 and Norton immediately deleted it as unsafe to even have on my machine. Why would you write a piece of software anti-virus scanners immediately toss out and bad? I mean immediate. No time to even look at it much less install it.

ankit · 4 years ago

Hey odin 1.85 does not support my windows 7 so what i do?????? Please help me..

dhante · 4 years ago

hi there got a weird problem...using windows 7, when trying to open odin windows media player comes up and odin stops loading...anything i need to do other than unzipping odin files...thanks

bader · 5 years ago

where is the odin link ???

Stiiff · 5 years ago

I can't dowload, anyone to help me ?
I need an odin for a galaxy s3 i9300

John · 5 years ago

you should be carefull about the publicity banners you allow on your posts... some are misleading download buttons. It damages your blog´s image and trust...

Muhammad Haroon · 5 years ago

Hi, Just what I was looking for. Thank you for the great article + Download link to the exact software.

JE · 5 years ago

why is odin a .zip. I cant open it

joban · 6 years ago

singture not verify showmy display help me plz

Michaela · 6 years ago

Do I download the Odin 1.85 to my tablet or to my computer??

John Martin · 5 years ago

If you have to ask then you shouldn't even be using Odin

saeed · 6 years ago

can i root wildfire 2.2 with odin!???

Dinesh Kumar · 6 years ago

Is there an update available for Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos GT S6802 mobile for upgrading Android 2.3.6 version to Android 4.1.1 version?

Rafael Fares · 6 years ago

Hi, can I use odin to backup a rom?

Alex Dumitru · 6 years ago

You need clockworkmod recovery to do a nandroid backup.

Gustavo · 6 years ago


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