Odin has reached a new version once with the release of Samsung Galaxy S3 and it's always recommend to use the most recent one, because it comes with bug fixes and some new features. Odin 3.04 is designed especially for newer smartphones.

Our guides always tell you which Odin version to use, so you will always know which version to get.

Odin 3.04 allows you to flash files on your Android device, including Kernels, stock and custom ROMs, along with different hacks. Flashing stock ROMs with Odin 3.04 will usually not increase the flash counter, while custom ROMs and Kernels most definitely do increase it.

So if you are planning to flash anything on your device, Odin must be your first choice, because it proved to be the most reliable and easy to use piece of software. Unfortunately it's only available for Windows computers, but there are alternatives for other operating systems too.

Please note that Odin can be really dangerous, if you don't follow the guides accordingly. Checking the wrong tick boxes when flashing something can permanently damage your device. Most frequently, re-partition shouldn't be touched and you might be safe.

There are hundreds of devices supported by Odin, so most likely you will be able to use it for flashing your device too. I can tell you for sure that all Samsung Android devices can be flashed with Odin, while products from other phone makers might work too.

You can now head over to the direct download links and get this great piece of software to start flashing your device and install kernels, ROMs, updates or whatever else you may desire.

Download Odin 3.04 here.

Derek Elphick · 5 years ago

Link for odin is wrong...google glass sounds ogg

LeeH · 5 years ago

That download ink for Odin 3.04 takes me to Google Glass Sounds.

charing · 6 years ago

please help how to unlocked my s3 I9300 huhuhu.

mpsck · 6 years ago

link is broken

jerson · 6 years ago

i cant download the odin 3.7 can you email me a fle of odin3.7 please

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ryan · 6 years ago


xia · 6 years ago

i tried it 10x . .it fails :( help please . .

Mryool Ring · 6 years ago

http://www47.zippyshare.com/v/99531901/file.html this fil mobil odin pro

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