Odin has been updated once again to version 3.07 and it's always recommended to download the last one. Odin 3.07 comes with bug fixes and some improvements, especially for the new-generation of smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 and others.

As you can see, we use Odin is nearly all of our guides, even if it's a stock update, custom ROM, or just a kernel. You can do basically everything you want on your device with Odin 3.07 and it's also the safest software to use. It's also updated constantly , so problems are fixed pretty quick, if there are any.

Odin can help you do a stock update pretty fast, without waiting for the update to come from the carriers. Just download the stock ROM and flash it with Odin 3.07. It won't even increase the flash counter, so it's safe. We do have guides for this kind of updates, so search on our website and you will find some very useful guides for your device.

You can also flash some hacks, kernels, custom ROMs, bootloaders and even repartition the device. Odin 3.07 does them all. Just download Odin 3.07 and the necessary files, make sure to tick the tight checkboxes and in a couple of minutes you will be done.

But please note that it's very important to tick the right checkboxes. Otherwise you might brick your device permanently. Our guides tell you exactly what to do with Odin, so make sure to read and follow them carefully. Everything is tested by us, so if you listen to our advices, you will be safe.

Now that you learned something about Odin, you can download it by using the direct download links below.

Download Odin 3.07 here.

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