The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been officially presented and now all users are looking to download the TouchWiz goodies on their current Android devices until they decide whether to buy the phone or not. Here you can find the download links for the Galaxy S4 Wallpapears, Icons and Contact Images.

TouchWiz Nature UX is the user interface used by Samsung for the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS that will be equipped on the upcoming Galaxy S4 smartphone. You can find only 6 new wallpapers, icons and contacts images that aren't very different from the previous components of Galaxy S3 UI. These downloads are available thanks to the guys at XDA developers community and you can easily download and install all these new elements using this guide.

These new wallpapers, icons and contact photos aren't bringing any major updates and I'm sure that you won't be impressed after installing them. They all have the Samsung Galaxy S3 look and, since the Galaxy S4 resembles its older brother then we shouldn't be surprised that Google didn't apply any major changes to their stock TouchWiz UI.

However, if you want to get the Samsung Galaxy S4 goodies, then you should follow the links below:

  • Download Galaxy S4 TouchWiz wallpapers from HERE.
  • Download Galaxy S4 Icons from HERE.
  • Download Contacts Images from HERE (XDA thread).

After the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be officially launched we will get to see other new wallpapers, icons and other goodies released.  But, until the you can use these Galaxy S4 elements to customize the looks of your current Android device. All these files can be used for any smartphone.

There aren't too many customization components but you can still add a Galaxy S4 touch for your device and you should simply download the files and then apply them by simply opening the files. The Contacts Images psd file has been mostly released for Custom ROM creators to integrate them in their releases.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Contacts

Galaxy S4 Icons


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