Motorola just released a new Nougat OTA for the Moto Z for fixing the recently reported low notification sound bug. This new firmware is coming to resolve the previous malfunctions from the Android 7.0 Nougat OS, so we are mainly talking about a minor software improvement that is here only to make the stock OS smoother than before.

The new software is also available online which means that you can choose to manually flash the NPL25.86-17-3 Android Nougat system on your Motorola Moto Z. The software brings the same Android version meaning that you won’t update your phone to Android 7.1.1 Nougat – overall, you will still run on the Android 7.0 platform. However, the ROM, which is measuring 540MB, is here to address the recent reported bugs and to add a plus of security. In a few words with the new OS installed your Moto Z should run better, faster and even smoother than before.

The NPL25.86-17-3 OS is available as a new OTA release so your Moto Z should receive the Android Nougat notification any time now. If the firmware isn’t spotted by your phone or if you are tired of waiting for the same roll out, then you can choose to download the software on your computer; afterwards you can use the OTA package for manually installing the update on your Moto Z. Well, during this tutorial you can access the proper download link and you can also learn how to complete the manual update operation.

So, first of all, here is the place from where you can download the Moto Z Nougat OTA update package:

Now, if you also want to learn how to manually apply the OTA package on your phone, don’t hesitate and check all the guidelines from below.

You will be able to flash this firmware file only if your Moto Z is already running on the stock / default Android 7.0 Nougat with build number NPL25.86-15. If root access is ensured on your phone, or if you already installed a custom ROM you won’t be able to complete this tutorial. In that situation the full firmware package will be required.

Manually flashing the OTA is an official operation. The steps from below can be therefore completed without problems – you don’t have to use third party apps and you won’t risk anything. Overall, the warranty of your Moto Z won’t be void as it might happen if you will somehow choose to replace the stock Android OS with a custom ROM system.

There is only one thing that might mess things up: during the Android 7.0 NPL25.86-17-3 Nougat update operation your data might get corrupted or even wiped out. So, if you want to protect your data and to avoid any sort of further problems, choose to backup your Motorola Moto Z before resuming the steps from down below. And when I mention the backup I am thinking about syncing your files with your Google Account, about built-in cloud storage platforms and about compatible backup and restore apps from Google Play all being methods through which you can save almost everything including system files, internet settings or IMEI / NVRAM data.

For the update process you will have to use a computer – there download the Android 7.0 NPL25.86-17-3 Nougat firmware file from above. Your Moto Z and its USB cable will also be required. On your phone you have to perform two additional operations: first you must become a developer by tapping repeatedly on Built Number (located under “menu – settings – about phone”); then you must access these developer options (from “menu – settings”) as the USB Debugging field must be checked.

The power is important when completing manual operations. If the battery power is too low your Moto Z might get turned off while you are installing the Android 7.0 NPL25.86-17-3 Nougat update and in that particular situation various software related problems might be caused. So, if you don’t want to soft brick your Android device, plug in the charger before doing anything else (especially if the power left is lower than 50%).

Of course, this step by step guide is compatible only with the Motorola Moto Z and with no other Android based smartphone or tablet. So, be careful and try not to mess things up.

Install the Android 7.0 NPL25.86-17-3 Nougat OTA update on your Motorola Moto Z

  1. On the computer you are using install the Android SDK toolkit: for Windows go here and for MAC OS X / Linux access this guide instead.
  2. The Moto Z drivers must also be installed on your phone.
  3. Power on your phone.
  4. Ensure an USB connection between your smartphone and your computer.
  5. On your computer launch a cmd window: hold the Shift keyboard key while right clicking on any blank space.
  6. First, in the cmd window type: “adb reboot recovery” – in this way recovery mode will be displayed on your Moto Z.
  7. From recovery select “Apply update from ADB”.
  8. Return to your computer and in the cmd window type: “adb sideload”.
  9. Wait while the firmware file is being automatically flashed.
  10. When done, unplug the USB cable and reboot your device.

If somehow you end up in experiencing problems, such as a boot loop, you should go back to recovery from where you should make a hard reset and clear app data cache. These operations can be completed by choosing the following options from recovery: “wipe data factory reset” and “wipe cache partition”.

There you have it; you now know how to manually update your Motorola Moto Z with the new Android 7.0 Nougat NPL25.86-17-3 OTA update. Enjoy.

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