Almost two weeks ago, Google announced that they will drop the Android Market to re-brand it as the Google Play Store and, from now on that will be place for you to go to download and install your favorite Android applications.

Here you can find the download link for the latest version of Google's Play Store which now hit the version 3.5.15 and it comes with a new My Apps user interface and it's menu works way smoothly than it did on the previous versions. Thanks to Chad Winner (the one who released the installation apk) here you can find instructions on how to successfully download and update the Google Play Store to its new official version.

The main improvement is the new menus from 'My Apps' tab, which now displays the Installed along with all with a new menu that shows all the other applications you have downloaded since you've purchased your current Android smartphone. For me, its greatest feature is the 'All' applications menu that lists all the apps I've downloaded and installed on my current Android device since the first days after I purchased it. It allows me to view and restore any application lost after rooting the phone. You are allowed to download again these apps and this means that you might not necessarily need to create backups or use Everest to write all the apps you wish to restore after a factory reset.

Some users complained about the fact that now the applications purchased, but uninstalled, are listed in the same menu as the free apps that are no longer present on your phone. Also, there is no filter to correct this and maybe when a newer version gets released we might be able to filter the 'purchased but uninstalled' apps from 'the free but uninstalled' ones. I'm sorry about using these terms but I can't think of any better titles for these apps.

The All 'My Apps' menu is capable of displaying all your Google accounts, that you configured for your Play Store profile, so that from now on you will be able to browse them using a single drop-down menu rather that using the Menu.

The Google Play Store v3.5.15 fixes the bug that prevented some stock application to be linked to the Play Store, which meant that you couldn't upgrade some applications simply because Google's new app store wasn't able to find them on your device and making it think that these don't even exist. The new Google Play Store for your Android device will be capable of displaying the every reviewer's phone that he used while testing the application he's reviewing, you can filter and sort reviews by Most Helpful or Newest first. Also, reviews can be easily filtered to show only the reviews that were made for the latest application version and done with the device you are currently using.

Download Google's new Play Store app update by clicking this link. After the download is complete use the USB cable and enable mount storage. Then copy the .apk file in your SD Card and then use any File Explorer on your phone to find the Google Play Store apk file and run it. Confirm all the actions it requires and then wait until the installation is complete. It is recommended that you reboot the device after that and when it loads the home screen you are free to use the updated version of Google Play Store to install whatever Android applications you desire.

In case you don't want to update the Android Market / Google Play Store to the new version, then you can wait until it becomes available for your device and updates itself automatically.

Marianne Joy Sabarre · 5 years ago

I did all that but still the play store crashed.

mhervin · 5 years ago

where is the download link?

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