The LG G2 is a powerful Android device that can easily compete with all the other Android based smartphones out there. So, if you own the LG G2 you are probably looking forward in tweaking your device, as that’s the best part when using an Android powered smartphone. But, for being able to safely optimize and customize your phone, first you have to know the basic operations that might be required and one of this procedure is entering download mode. So, if you want to learn how to enter download mode on your LG G2 with ease, don’t hesitate and use the steps from below.

The process is simple and can be completed without any problems even by a newbie, so you have nothing to worry about. Furthermore, you should know that there won’t be used any custom or risky apps so you will learn how to enter download mode on your LG G2 by using the classic, and recommended, method. I have mentioned before something about basic operations; well besides booting in download mode you should also know how to enter recovery mode on the LG G2 and how to make a hard reset, but we will talk about these procedures in different though similar step by step guides.

Now, entering download mode is required for various operations though you will basically need to do that when trying to apply an update manually by using your computer. On the other hand, download mode might also be used when trying to flash a custom recovery image or when rooting by using a pre rooted firmware or on other similar procedures. The best is to know how to do the same as this is essential when having an Android device. Thus we can say that learning how to boot your LG G2 in download mode is a must have and not an option.

It should be clear for you that this method is compatible and should be applied only on the LG G2. The steps from below have been tested only on the mentioned device, which means that this tutorial will not work in case you have a similar or different Android based handset. That’s why, always use dedicated procedures that are compatible with your Android device and procedures that have been previously tested on the same, or else you can end up in bricking your smartphone or tablet.

How to Enter Download Mode on LG G2

  1. Your phone must be turned off before starting the steps from this guide.
  2. So, press power button and select “power off”.
  3. Then, press the volume up button on your LG G2.
  4. While you are holding the volume up button, plug in your phone’s USB cable.
  5. Keep pressing the Volume up button until the download mode is being displayed.
  6. Now the phone will install some drivers – it should take around 10 minutes to complete; the best will be to let your device install the mentioned drivers.
  7. Also, when updating your LG G2 by using download mode, don’t unplug the USB cable while the flashing process is running as you can end up in damaging or even in bricking your LG G2.
  8. Now, you can return to Android OS by pressing the power button; keep pressing power button until the LG logo appears – then you can safely unplug the USB cord.

Perfect; now you know what to do for entering your LG G2 in download mode, so we are done for now. Use the comments area from below if you have something to share with us and with other users and use the same field for posting questions or recommendations. Also stay close as we will bring further tutorials to you.

Qasim Wajid Ali · 4 years ago

I have repeated the above mentioned way to entering into Download Mode but every time my LG G2 entered into twrp recovery

Hassan Latif · 4 years ago

its a long time and it is still on 0%
how to undo it safely?

Dany Alba · 4 years ago

How to flash recovery.img on lg g2 in download mode. Thank You

Shahran Hussain · 4 years ago

Does it work for LG Gx

Andrew · 5 years ago

I have a LG tablet im trying everything I can to try to root it but it wont connect properly to my computer. USB debugging mode is on and i've tried download mode to root it any help?

Toffe · 5 years ago


Why cant i go to the download mode?

I turn off my phone

then hold volume up and plug in the usb to the phone and keep holding volume up

the only thing what comes up on the screen is a big battery that is charing

Do i do something wrong ??

Please help becuse i want the Lolipop

??? · 3 years ago

did you find the way to access?

??? · 3 years ago

I have lgl82vl stylo 2, I am on same boat with you.

Steph · 3 years ago

I also cant download mode either just goes sttaight to lg logo but i amso need to bypass google account. Does it have to be debugged?

Nelawin · 5 years ago

Problem : USB unplug ... phone block , what i can do ?

alaaddin · 5 years ago

my phone enters the download mode, but it doesn't go any further than 0%.
it's rooted and cloudyG3 rom is installed.

i installed lg drivers to the computer first.

on the computer screen, drivers install window is open and it installs two, stuck on one.

OYANUK · 5 years ago

Thank you!

Patrick · 5 years ago

I can't get into download mode with the Volume Up + USB cable trick. Is there any other way?

cristispot · 5 years ago

I also want to know what to do in this situation.

Kevin Levrone · 5 years ago

In this case You MUST reinstall your OS using the LG official tools. There is a menu option to reinstall your current OS image. Use that and after reinstall it will work. Then you can enter download mode and install the upgraded image (of course, not with the LG official tools but with the LG Flash Tool).

Yannis Kontopoulos · 4 years ago

And how can I do that???

hagmann48 · 3 years ago

this is extremely confusing, as it generates more questions than it answers in those few lines- XDA website may help more

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